Any day is perfect for planting a tree and there are no forests that play as important a role in protecting our oceans as mangroves. Join us to find out what’s happening to preserve, protect and plant mangrove forests.

Why Mangroves are Vital for a Healthy Ocean

mangrove-forest-pitara kids-mangroves Preserve, Protect and Plant Mangrove Forests

Mangroves are the vital connection between the sea and land. They protect coastal areas from violent weather events like tsunamis and hurricanes; they mitigate flooding and coastal erosion; and they are some of the world’s most productive fish habitats. In an era of global warming awareness, it’s important to know that mangroves store huge amounts of carbon, as much as 5x more than the inland rainforests. However, even with all these benefits, we are witnessing the destruction and disappearance of mangroves at an alarming rate. Some estimates suggest that we have already lost more than 50% of the world’s mangrove forest. (photo – Pitara Kids)


To Preserve, Protect and Plant Mangrove Forests

That’s where the Mangrove Action Project comes in, their mission is to restore and conserve mangroves ecosystems worldwide. They educate the public regarding the vital role that mangroves play and provide training to communities enabling them to protect and sustainably manage their mangrove resources.

Find out more about the Mangrove Action Project, they have great suggestions on how you, your communities and your schools can get involved. Find out about the 2018 and 2019 Children’s Mangrove Art Contest.


Importance of Mangrove forests

Here’s a little tutorial on how vital mangroves are and how they do all that work.


Planting mangrove Forests in Cambodia

See what this international group of young citizen scientists did when they volunteered to travel to Cambodia to help restore a mangrove forest. It’s hard work but an incredible cultural experience while doing good for the environment. It’s always the enthusiasm of young people that brings hope. Join in, you can also help to Preserve, Protect and Plant Mangrove Forests.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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