capt_don_stewart_habitat_bonaire, marine conservationist, sustainable dive business, sustainable eco-tourism resort, spear fishing ban(Blue Ocean – Tuesday June 10, 2014) — The island of Bonaire sadly bids farewell to one of its pioneers of dive tourism. Captain Don Stewart passed away on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.

52 years ago Stewart arrived in Bonaire and thru hard work and dedication became a legendary figure in the island’s dive tourism industry. Captain Don was a conservationist devoting himself to protecting the island’s marine life and making Bonaire the benchmark for marine sanctuaries the world over. Stewart was also instrumental in banning spearfishing from the waters surrounding Bonaire. Today, Bonaire continues to be recognized as a superlative destination for shore diving and snorkeling.

Captain Don founded Captain Don’s Habitat in 1976 as an eco-diving resort and it continues to be one of the island’s leading dive hotels. Over the years the Captain received numerous awards for his pioneering environmental leadership. He will be missed by the dive industry and generations of divers to come .