sustainable innovation forum cop23 logoThe COP23 Sustainable Innovation Forum was held in Bonn, Germany last week and the Pope had a strong message for the forum’s negotiators. Warning them to avoid “four perverse attitudes” regarding climate change and its impact on our planet. “denial, indifference, resignation and trust in inadequate solutions.”

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Pope Francis has long been concerned about the effects of climate change having written his 2016 encyclical on the environment and has now renewed his “urgent call,,, on how we are building the future of the planet.” (photo – Martin Schulz, EcoWatch)


Environmental Challenge Affects Us All!

“We need an exchange that unites us all,” said the Pope, “because the environmental challenge we are experiencing, and its human roots, regards us all, and affects us all.”

The Pontiff has strongly supported the Paris agreement and he expressed hope that the COP23 talks would inspire the “same collaborative spirit”


Don’t Be Stupid

As the Pope’s plane flew over Caribbean Islands that were recently devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Francis commented on those that deny the overwhelming evidence presented by science. He did not specifically call out President Trump for threatening to withdraw from the Paris agreement or for sending U.S. representatives to COP23 to promote the global use of coal. But the Pope did say that climate deniers reminded him of a psalm from the Old Testament about being stubborn.

“Man is stupid, the Bible said. It’s like that, when you don’t want to see, you don’t see,”

Regarding coal at COP23, dozens of countries have joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance and share the aim of phasing out the use of coal by 2030. The alliance now numbers more than 20 nations and the states of Oregon and Washington.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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