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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi

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Take the No Plastic Straw Please Pledge

#MissionGoliath Save the Goliath Grouper

#SaveTheWhales: Take Action on Seismic Airgun Blasting

Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Needs Your Help

Ban the Trade in Shark Fins

Stand with Reality

50 For Freedom to End Slavery

Support Scientists That Support Marine Protected Areas

Take the No Plastic Straw Please Pledge

Stop Microfiber Plastic Pollution

Support Whale Sanctuary in Iceland

Protect Sea Turtles On World Turtle Day

Minke Whales Hunted: Mostly Pregnant Females!

Rays Killed for Fun?? In Chesapeake Bay??

Make February 3, National Shark Day

Devastating Damage Caused by Cruise ship

Save This Beach for Endangered Sea Turtles

Save the Dolphins of Japan

Protect Our Coral Reefs from Ocean Acidification

Tell FedX No to Shark Finning

Protect Polar Bears from Oil Spills

Toxic Algae Impacting Ocean Ecology

Rescue Australia’s Forgotten Coastal Reefs

Protect Belize’s Reefs

Coral Reefs Threatened By Port Expansion

Coral scientists Publish Call to Action

Help Protect the Arctic Ocean from Exploitation

Help Brazilian divers create the Albardão National Park

Dive Industry Declaration on Marine Conservation

96 Percent of Pacific Bluefin Tuna Have Died. Take Action!


Save the Ocean

It’s a change-making, ocean-loving water tribe here at Blue Ocean Network. We are deeply connected to the sea and that compels Our Members to take action and contribute, each in their own way, to save our oceans. While we can have some serious fun in this community, we believe in the power of individual action to protect our blue planet.

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It’s easy. See our list of Ocean Alerts with links to petitions that you can read, sign and share on social media. Reviewing our Ocean Alerts keeps you abreast of the most immediate issues facing our ocean and the people and organizations that are addressing those issues.

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Join us and be a part of a growing tribe of Ocean People who are taking action in our own backyards.  True, some have very big backyards. But ino matter where you live, you can tap into the power of the tribe to help you create change for the better.

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