Rob Stewart, underwater film-maker, Sharkwater, Revolution, save sharks, marine conservationIn honor of the magnificent effort, love and talent that Rob Stewart put into saving sharks, we are requesting that February 3rd be named National Shark Day. As a result of the tremendous support seen in the wake of filmmaker Rob Stewart’s death in the Florida Keys last week, we are requesting that you consider this petition.


Unstoppable Force Behind Sharkwater

Rob was the producer, filmmaker and unstoppable force behind the creation of the award winning documentary Sharkwater and his second film Revolution. Rob was an impassioned advocate for sharks and there place in the ocean ecosystem. He was alarmed and angered by the frightening drop in shark populations around the world, mostly as a result of shark finning supplying the insatiable Asian market in shark fin soup. The attention that Rob’s films focused on this issue helped to change the perception of sharks and educate the public on the necessity of saving these magnificent marine mammals.


Join With Us, To Make Feb. 3, National Shark Day

Join us in supporting this petition to make February 3rd National Shark Day in memory of Rob Stewart and the marine conservation he accomplished. Join us at:


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