Pretty much all of us love whales, why would we not. They’re majestic, mysterious and mighty big. We go long distances to whale watch, we sign petitions to ban the hunting of whales and love to see whale photos. So here are some of the best Overwhelming Whales.

Jon Cornforth humpback whales off alaska breaching 1 marine life photography Overwhelming whales

Jon Cornforth of Seattle, was one lucky photographer when he captured this series of images of a pod of humpback whales feeding on herring in Alaska’s inside passage. Using a technique called “bubble feeding” the whales, in this case about a dozen, work together releasing their bubbles to herd the herring together. The whales them hurdle to the surface, with their mouths wide open catching the fish.

jon Cornforth humpback whales off Alaska breaching 2 marine life photography overwhelming whales

I’m sure the whale watchers had their mouths wide open as well at this breathtaking action. Majestic nature at its best.


On a More Tranquil Note!

Incredible video of sleeping sperm whales, never documented before!


More Overwhelming Whales!

breaching whale lifting whale watching boat maine life humorous whale photos my costa rica humpback whale breaching marine life









Could not resist these three, especially the one on the left which could be title “Revenge of the Whale Watching Whale”

©Amos Nachoum/ overwhelming whale photos

Always one of our favorite whale photos by our good friend Amos Nachoum of Big Animals.


Find out about whales making art, see video

Hope you had some fun and are left a bit more awed by the beauty and majesty of whales.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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