What were Cindy Crawford, Colin Firth, Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore celebrating recently in Milan? Nothing less than the 2nd annual “Green Carpet Awards” during Milan’s Fashion Week. Sustainable Fashion Awards were presented to those doing the most to “Push Fashion Forward.”

cate Blanchett Milan Sustainable Fashion AwardsThirteen statuettes were awarded to leaders in the sustainable fashion movement. Cindy Crawford presented the “Recognition for Sustainability Award” to Donatella Versace for her commitment to go fur-free. And, Cameron Russell took home “The Changemaker Award” for her efforts fighting abuse in modelling.

Cate Blanchett presented the “Eco-Stewardship Award” to the Australian wool farmers for their sustainable production techniques. Saying “honour those who take their queue from our planet, an approach that is so important to our future.”

Artisan craftsmen were not forgotten when Julianne Moore presented a craft mashup award to 20 cobblers of Salvatore Ferragamo,


Sustainability Is About the Social Impact

Livia Firth, event organizer and campaigner for ethical fashion said: “Sustainablity is not just about the environment footprint of fashion, it is also about the handprint – the social impact, which is just as important. If you address the social impact of fashion you will fundamentally change it for the better.”

livia and colin firth sustainable fashion aswards milan fashion week the guardianAttending the event with her husband Colin Firth, Livia said, “People called last year’s Green Carpet awards the Oscars of sustainable fashion…I hope that soon we will just be the Oscars of fashion.” (photo – The Guardian)

The Fashion Week event was overshadowed by a New York Times report “Inside Italy’s Shadow Economy.” The article revealed a production line outsourced to seamstresses in poor regions of Italy. These seamstresses are paid exploitative wages. They work without normal benefits, contracts or insurance.

Opening Fashion Week with a declaration that he is “saddened and concerned“ by the investigation, Carlo Capasa, president of Italian fashion’s Chamber of Commerce said leadership in fashion sustainability was necessary to regain Milan’s position as capital of the fashion world.


Fast Fashion Wreaks Devastation

Livia Firth summed up the Sustainable Fashion Awards by saying that the biggest barrier to sustainability is fast fashion. It “wreaks devastation on the industry. There is a reason that the owners of stores like Zara are multimillionaires. And that is that we buy too much crap and we buy without thinking.”

fast-fashion_baffs_organic-t-shirts_mkg-apparel mag. sustainable fashion awards

Cate Blanchett put her words into action when she attended this year’s Cannes Film Festival. She wore an elegant black lace gown designed by Giorgio Armani. Blanchett stressed the gown was also worn in 2014 when she received a Golden Globe. “It seems willful and ridiculous that such garments are not cherished and reworn for a lifetime.” Read more in the Guardian.


The Stella Effect

Earlier in 2018, Stella McCartney, the “vegan” fashion designer and outspoken advocate for Green Fashion, presented her autumn/winter 2018 collections at both the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

VegNews. StellaMcCartney sustainable vegan fashion sustainable fashion awardsWhen McCartney launched her sustainable fashion brand in 2001, few thought that her faux leather and snakeskin used on high-end shoes and handbags would sell. However, they did. And most important, her “no animal products” philosophy has been adopted by some of the world’s leading fashion houses. Gucci, Givenchy and Marni are just a few that now eschew real fur, favoring faux fur in its place. (photo – vegNews)

“It’s what I do, and I’ve done it from day one and I shall continue to do it until I’m decomposing,” she said of her commitment to sustainability. “I hope I’m joined by more people. I think it’s unavoidable because the next generation of human beings will demand it. It’s doable. I’m here, showing everyone that you can actually do it…. You can have a healthy business, you can have beautiful, sexy, cutting-edge modern clothing. You can actually have it all.”


“Push Fashion Forward”

Read about how McCartney has challenged students to create “vegan wool” in an effort to eliminate animal products from the fashion industry altogether. McCartney has sponsored an “animal-free wool’ competition. Calling on biotec engineering students from around the world to create more sustainable alternatives to the animal-based fibers used in fashion, she challenges students to “push fashion forward.”

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