our ocean logo 2017 malta, Our Ocean Youth Leadership SummitThe Sustainable Oceans Alliance, The European Union, and the University of Malta co-host the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit in conjunction with the 2017 Our Ocean Conference.


100 young leaders from 50 different countries gather in Malta to propose solutions to guarantee the well-being of our ocean.

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university of malta logo, our ocean logo 2017 malta, Our Ocean Youth Leadership SummitUniversity of Malta, Valletta Campus – October 5th 2017: The Sustainable Oceans Alliance (SOA), the European Union (EU), and the University of Malta have partnered to bring 100 leaders ages 16-35 to the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit in Malta on the 5th and 6th of October. The event is being hosted at the University of Malta as a parallel event to the 2017 Our Ocean Conference.


sustainable oceans alliance, As the organizer of the Our Ocean conference, the EU is determined to integrate the voice of youth into ocean advocacy. Part of this effort involves partnering with the Sustainable Oceans Alliance on the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit to give the next generation of political leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists the opportunity to share fresh perspectives and discuss strategies towards ocean sustainability.


This year’s theme: Implementing Solutions!

The theme of this year’s summit is based on “implementing solutions”. Speakers will recognize the threats facing our oceans- however, they are focused  instead on sharing promising solutions, strategies and tactics they have used to advance their work in ocean conservation.


Innovative solutions for ocean sustainability!

This generation, raised with the insidious threats of climate change, global warming, ocean acidification and pollution, are passionately conscious about conserving their future and the future of the planet. As these global issues will ultimately land upon the shoulders of this generation, the Youth Summit aims to address the imperative need for intimate involvement of this often excluded age demographic in the catalyzation of innovative solutions for ocean sustainability.

The Summit leverages a cross-continental collaboration of ambitious young leaders from 50 different countries including India, Northern Europe, New Zealand, Russia, and the Americas. Each of the 100 youth leaders brings a unique commitment and solution to the table. With projects ranging from engineered habitats for biodiverse farming, to a layman’s guide to the Blue Economy,  to the development of an underwater drone for ocean exploration, there is no lack of ingenuity or innovation in this group of future ocean advocates.


Speakers include: Celine Cousteau, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Adrian Grenier & Karmenu Vella

sylvia earle, The Sustainable Oceans AllianceSome of our most notable speakers include Film Director and ocean activist Celine Cousteau, Actor and activist Adrian Grenier, Her Deepness Sylvia Earle and EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella. The students selected to participate in the youth event also have the opportunity to join the second day of the Our Ocean conference; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather with heads of state, business representatives, NGOs and other high-level stakeholders to commit to impactful actions for the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s oceans.


A Global Coalition of Ocean Champions!

soa alliance group photo in Georgetown, Our Ocean Youth Leadership SummitThe partnership with SOA builds on its legacy of providing leadership opportunities to youth and supporting the development of entrepreneurial solutions. SOA works with business executives, policy makers, NGOs, and influencers to build a global coalition of ocean champions.

The decision to co-host the Our Ocean Leadership Conference stems from the EU’s and SOA’s shared vision of engaging the next generation and giving it the opportunity to develop and showcase innovative solutions that can help protect our ocean.(photo – Group photo of SOA at Georgetown University)


The Sustainable Oceans Alliance

daniela at georgetown university, The Sustainable Oceans AllianceDaniela Fernandez, founder and CEO of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, will make a special announcement at the Our Ocean conference main plenary regarding SOA’s commitment to the implementation of youth solutions to help guarantee the ocean’s sustainable future.


Background to the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit

In 2016, the U.S. Department of State and SOA co-hosted the Our Ocean Youth Summit at Georgetown University, bringing together 150 young leaders who made commitments with the goal of advancing ocean sustainability. At this year’s conference, SOA will report progress on past commitments and, in partnership with the EU, will enable a new cohort of young leaders to develop the skills needed to implement and expand their ideas upon returning to their respective communities.

By Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a Blue Ocean Network Contributor


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