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$1 Million Grant Keeps ‘Super Coral’ Research Alive (CivilBeat) 
Colombia’s Island Fishermen Dive into Battle to Protect Coral Reefs (ReutersFdn)
Rococo Cocco Reef—Announcing Microscopic Meets Megascopic (ReefLife Restoration)
Next Generation May Never See the Glory of the Reefs (Guardian)

Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change Damage (InsideClimateNews)
Chinese Fishing Fleet a Security Issue for Australia (Lowy Institute)
Agents Bust Alleged Shark Fin Smuggling Ring in HI (HINewsNow)

Zanzibar Bans Plastic Bags In Hope of a Plastic Waste-Free Island (DowntoEarth) 
Plastics and Microplastics Leakages Should be Treated Like CO2 Emissions (Guardian)
Plastic Trash from the Sachet Economy Chokes Philippine Seas (Mongabay)

Extinction Rebellion Protest: Police Make More Than 80 Arrests After Hundreds Blocked Central London Bridges in Climate Change Demonstration (Evening Standard) 
Researchers Find the Tipping Point Between Resilience and Collapse in Complex Ecosystems (NorthEastern)
Denying Solutions is the New Climate Change Denial (Globe&Mail)
Why is Wakulla Springs’ Water Turning Brown? FSU Researchers May Have The Answer (FSU)

Mining The Deep Ocean Will Soon Begin (Economist)
Observations from Mariana Trench Show Inner Earth Is Sucking Up Far More Water Than Previously Thought (GizModo)
Humans Are About to Touch the Deepest Corners of the Ocean for the First Time (BusinessInsider)

Restoring Side Channels Can Boost Salmon Recovery in Puget Sound Rivers, New Research Finds (NOAAFisheries)
Pipeline Vandals Are Reinventing Climate Activism (Wired)
International Eco-Project with Scripps Institute (LaJollaLight)

One Woman’s Mission to Save Lagos Beaches, Turtles from Plastic (BBC)
Fighting The Good Fight (PhilStar)
Greenpeace Activist Swam in Front of 21,000 Tonne Oil Ship (BBC)

Intel for the Ocean Changemaker

Your Daily Lifestyle Choices Matter to the Ocean

First Nations Ceremony Over Dead Orca on Nootka Island (Chek)
Rare Whiskies Auctioned to Benefit Plastic Oceans International (PlasticOceans)
David Attenborough Has Betrayed the Living World He Loves (Guardian)

‘Mission 2020’ Gains Robust Dive Industry Following (DeeperBlue)
The $185 Million Quest to Make People Love the Ocean Enough to Protect It (FC)
Tallying Losses from October’s Global Catastrophes (Insurance Journal)

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Are Your Clothes Wrecking the Planet? (BBC)
Repurpose, Recycle How ‘Sustainable Fashion’ Got Trendy (SpeakingTree)
The First Step to Starting Your Career in Sustainable Fashion (BOF)

Five Ways to Encourage People to Reduce Their Meat Intake – Without Them Even Realising (Conversation)
4 Awesome Vegan Seafood Options (TryVeg)
Broken But Undeterred: James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Addresses Sustainable Seafood Concerns (Forbes)

Jimmy Surf Fiesta Raises Money for Ocean Therapy (DailyBreeze)
If You’re So Miserable About Climate Change You Don’t Want Kids, You’re Not Alone (BuzzFeed) 
Eco-grief’ over Climate Change Felt by Generations of British Columbians (TheStar)

Drone Finds ‘Rare’ Shark Nursery, 2,500 Feet Beneath the Surface (CNet)
Yay! We Can Now Bring Deep-Sea Fish to the Surface Without Popping Them (Azula)
The Wreck of Cook’s HMS Endeavour May Have Been Found (DeeperBlue)

88% of People Who Saw Blue Planet II Have Now Changed Their Lifestyle (GlobalCitizen)
New Study Shows That Diesel Cars Are Much Cleaner Than Most Electric Vehicles (WonderfulEngineering)
Environmentalists Cleaning up Nairobi’s Rivers (DW)

Emily Erickson Is Surfing’s Next Legend (Outside)
Japan turns to Breeding Dolphins instead of Taking from the Wild (JakartaPost) 
This Kayaker Stays Eerily Calm as Sharks Circle Her in the Water (CultureTrip)

Citizen Science Rock Stars Ned and Anna DeLoach Make Fish ID Fun (ScubaDiving.com)
Iconic Snorkeling Fish Now Protected in Mexico (MongaBay)
Six Senses Laamu Recognised As Leaders in Marine Conservation (Edition)

New Zealand Ends New Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration (EcoWatch)
Southern Right Whale Superpod Blows a Hole in the Record Books (Phys.org) 
Natural Climate Solutions Could Cancel Out a Fifth of U.S. Emissions, Study Finds (InsideClimateNews) 

The Challenge of Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
Sucking CO2 Out of the Atmosphere, Explained (Vox)
New Findings Cast Doubt on Claim That Oceans Have Warmed 60% More Than Scientists Thought (EcoWatch)

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