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Only 55 Percent of Bali’s Corals In ‘Good’ Condition (CoconutsBali)
The Science of Saving the GBR (The Saturday Paper)
The World’s First Land-Based Coral Farm Will Soon Grow Reefs in the Bahamas (FC)
Silenced’: Leading Reef Research Centre Faces Axe After Funding Miss (SydneyHerald)

Local Fishers Oppose $2.7 billion Deal Opening Madagascar to Chinese Fishing (Mongabay) 
Scripps Finds Even Most Sustainable Fishing Not Enough in Gulf of California (Scripps)
Mining the Deep Ocean Will Soon Begin (Economist)

Single-use’ Named 2018 Word of the Year (Guardian)
This Dutch City Has Made a Floating Park Out of Plastic Waste (WEF)
Swamped with Plastic Waste: Malaysia Struggles as Global Scrap Piles Up (Reuters)

Human Carbon Emissions are Dissolving the Ocean Floor (WSF)
Sighting of Sperm Whales in Arctic Waters ‘Really Shocking’ (EcoWatch)
Growing Noise in the Ocean Can Cause Dolphins to Change Their Calls (Phys.org)
Study Finds Fungi, Not Plant Matter, Responsible for most Carbon Sequestration in Northern Forests (Phys.org)

Scientists Call for Stop to Disappearance of Earth’s Remaining Intact Land, Sea (TimesColonist)
Expedition Planning 101 – How Models Can Help Guide Deep-Sea Exploration (CASeamounts)
Fury as China, Russia and Norway Block Landmark Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary Plan (Independent)

New Blue Plan to Preserve More of Singapore’s Marine Landscape (StraitsTimes)
Multi-Million Dollar Predator Control Project Lasting Legacy of Conservation Pioneers (ThePress)
No PhDs Needed: How Citizen Science is Transforming Research (Nature) 

David Attenborough Has Betrayed the Living World He Loves (The Guardian)
How One Small Island Showed Us How to Save Our Oceans (The Guardian)
EU Transport + Environment Ministers Commit to Green Deal for Mobility in Europe, Emphasizing Role of Cycling (ECF)

Intel for the Ocean Changemaker

Your Daily Lifestyle Choices Matter to the Ocean

Dive Into The World Of Paper Mache Ocean Art (Bernews)
Overbearing Ocean Plastic Installations (TrendHunter)
The Elephant Man: Paul Allen’s Quest to Save the Planet from Itself (CrossCut)

World First as Scottish Tidal Turbines Connect to Grid (Scotsman)
Floating Offshore Wind Begins to Commercialize in Europe (GreenTechMedia)
Global Green Economy Index 2018: Key Findings, Tendencies, Methodology (PlaceBrand Observer)

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Detox (OvoEnergy)
Will Meghan Markle’s Sustainable Fashion Make an Impact? (Yahoo)
The Complex Issue of Sustainable Fabrics (TheConsciousEdit)

Horror Photos of Farmed Salmon Spark Legal Threat (TheFerret)
5 Delish Ways to Enjoy Seafood Flavor without Eating Any Fish! (OneGreenPlanet) 
Consumers Seek Certainty About Sustainable Seafood Labelling (Richmond News)

Diveheart Offers People with Disabilities Life-Changing Experiences (Nurse.com) 
We Need to Talk About “Ecoanxiety”: Climate change is Causing PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression on a Mass Scale (Quartz)
New U-LINK Awards Focus on Climate Change Risks (UofMiami)

New Whale Fossil Just Solved How Whales Lost Their Teeth & Gained Baleen (Azula)
Launch of Ocean School VR Learning Tool (GlobalNews)
Exploring the Hydrothermal Vents of the Pescadero Basin (AGU100)

Town In Italy Starts Using Silent Fireworks As A Way of Respecting Their Animals (Excite Travel)
Environmentalist’ Doesn’t Just Mean White and Wealthy (CityLab)
Declaration of Rebellion: Civil Disobedience in the Name of Climate Change (Voice of London)

The Rise of Mindful Surfing (Telegraph)
Top 10 Airplane Wrecks to Scuba Dive (GlobalAviationJobs)
Like to Dive? New Course Will Train You to be a ‘Ghostbuster’ of the Sea (Conservation International)

Task Force Calls for Whale-Watching Boat Tour Ban (ABC)
How to See the World Without Destroying It (Seeker)
Why I Don’t Believe In Encouraging People To Travel (Inlocamotion)

We Have to Save the Planet. So I’m Donating $1 Billion (NYTimes)
New Zealand Wants to Plant 1 Billion Trees to Fight Climate Change (GlobalCitizen)
Parrotfish, Critical to Reef Health, Now Protected Under Mexican Law (Mongabay)

Marine Algae Bloom-Derived Biotoxins Alter the Development of Zooplankton and the Ocean Food Web (Phys.org)
New Study Found Deep Sea Chemical Dispersants Ineffective in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (UMiami)
Sucking CO2 Out of the Atmosphere, Explained (Vox) 

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