UNFURL THIS ISSUE… Brexit puts Overfishing in the global spotlight.

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Well, we survived the 30th year of Shark Week. What did you think of this year’s programming? Send us an email and share your thoughts. We know our collective voices are making a difference with plastic, so it’s not too far off to think that we can help influence content shown during Shark Week next year if we can coordinate our outeach. (PS, if you still need more sharks in your life, check out the world of some really bizarre sharks!)

Your Mission this Week:
Overfishing and damaging fishing practices have reduced many fish stocks and harmed the seabed, threatening marine wildlife and coastal communities. We need to act now to keep marine life safe and healthy. The UK government has opened a public consultation asking how we think they should manage our fisheries after Brexit through a new Fisheries Bill. Today we have a unique chance to ask decision-makers to put sustainability at the heart of our fisheries management.

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Trending this Week:

In the Network:

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• Wallace J. Nichols is in the news again with this article, Blue Marbles Blue Mind; How water saves us all. 

• Daniela Fernandez and team at the Sustainable Ocean Alliance are co-hosting with the Ministry of Marine Affairs in Indonesia at the ‘Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit‘ in Bali, Indonesia on Oct. 29-30, 2018.

• It’s that time again – Dive Magazine UK’s 2018 Dive Travel Awards. There are many operators in this Network that are up for awards. Vote for your favorite eco-friendly resorts and destinations here. 

• Coral Vita’s Sam Teicher guest blogged, ‘Raising Reefs’, for the Economist!

• Our friends at Force Blue were featured by PBS’ Nova this week!

• The Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia will host its 7th Sustainable Oceans Conference on Sept. 22-23. Submit to the photo contest here by Aug. 31.• Dive Curacao’s 2018 DiveFestival will be held Sept. 29 – Oct 7 and feature a National Reef Clean-Up Event, National Lionfish Hunt Competition, and Daily Coral Nursery Visits!

Ocean News:

A Deeper Understanding of Situations and Solutions

IYOR 2018
Community-wide Scan Identifies Fish Species Associated with Coral Reef Services Across the Indo-Pacific (Royal Society Publishing)
With Advanced Tech, Expedition Reveals New Hope for World’s Coral Reefs (Coral Reef Image Bank)
Saving Coral Reefs: TX, FL Researchers Race Against the Clock (ExpressNews)
It’s Time to have a more Holistic View of Coral Reef Health (Popular Science)FISHING
Caribbean Fisheries Sector at Risk – New Analysis from UN Food and Agriculture (Barbados Today)
90% of Fish Stocks are Used Up – Fisheries Subsidies Must Stop (UNCTAD)
Warming Oceans are Changing Australia’s Fishing Industry (The Conversation)

Shocking Waves of Plastics Washes Ashore in DR (EcoWatch)

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change (New York Times)
Why Are Dozens of Dead Animals Washing Up on Florida Beaches? (Live Science)
Heat Waves, more than Coral Death, may Cause Fish to Flee Reefs (EOS)

New study provides guidelines for successful maritime spatial planning (Europa)
5 Surprising Stats Show Why High Seas Need Protection (Pew Trusts)

FISH-I Africa meet to develop a unified response to illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean (Fish-I Africa)
The cataclysmic Cost of Trump’s ‘war on oceans’ (Boston Globe)

This Blue Carbon Module compiles the latest tools to understand how blue carbon can be measured and utilized (Reef Resilience)
Delivering The Circular Economy: A Toolkit for Policymakers (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

This New Platform Helps Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the Tourism Sector (Travel Pulse)
There is a Sustainable Solution to Asia’s Sand Crunch (Eco-Business)

From Rigs to Reefs: Researchers Encourage Authorities to Rethink Oil Rig Removal (CBS)
Giants of the Deep – How Technology Has Changed the way We Look at Whales and Ourselves (The Atlantic) 

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Everyone is an ocean changemaker through awareness and daily choices.

Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Ocean Conservancy Photo Contest (Ocean Conservancy)
World’s First semi-submerged art Gallery will be a Coral Habitat (TreeHugger)FASHION
Fast Fashion: Inside the Fight to End the Silence on Waste (BBC)
What’s the Best Way to Recycle Old Clothes? (Sierra Club)
Sustainability in the Clothing and Lifestyle Industry (Impaktor)

Avoiding Meat and Dairy is Single Biggest Way to Reduce your Impact on Earth (The Guardian)
Psyche and the Seashore: Why Do We Love Or Fear The Ocean? (Hakai Magazine)
Conscious choices in Home Decor are Central in Building a Sustainable Lifestyle (Neste)

Behind the Plan to Save Coral Reef Tourism (Skift)
Travel Giant Cuts Ties with SeaWorld over Killer Whale Captivity (EcoWatch)

A look inside one of the Sarah’s Most Dramatic Volcanoes (National Geographic)

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