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Your Mission This Week – Lombok & Gili Disaster; Trending – Hothouse EarthHAB’s People in your Network – Zale Perry; Latest Ocean News – Fool’s Gold: What fish oil is doing to our Health and Planet; INTEL for Changemakers – How to Manage Underwater Phtotographers; Ocean Careers –  GVI Travel Writing Academy; HEADS UP!  By popular demand, the upcoming Coral Reef Summit has a new date, Dec. 10-14, 2018.

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What’s up down under? Seemingly out of the blue, the Turnbull Government has awarded the Great Barrier Reef Foundation nearly half a BILLION dollars to help reef conservation and restoration efforts. This is the largest donation any Oz government has ever made to a single conservation group, and all without a tender process. File this under “I know, right?!?”

In response to this rather gobsmacking turn of events, the ABC (AU) show Tonightly with Tom Ballard, created a parody (video above) based on Shark Week’s Shark Tank episode of July. The comedy skit creates some ‘texture’ when the Head of the Reef Foundation says the 444M grant was a complete surprise.  G’day for the GBRF. Hopefully a G’day for the reef?

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Bali resident and filmmaker Adrienne Gittus sent us these images (courtesy Charlie Fennick) of the earthquake aftermath in Lombok. She and a team are coordinating relief efforts to get food and essentials to residents in Lombok. Please help our ocean community in Indonesia.

Your Mission this Week:

Our friends and dive operators in Lombok and Gili are dealing with the aftershocks of a 6.9 Earthquake that hit these Indonesian islands Aug 5. There are 2 GoFundMe campaigns with dive industry organizers on the ground. The first images from Gili Trawangan are breaking news from Dive Magazine UK and Adrienne Gittus provided us with Lombok images above. Please consider donating to Gili and Lombok. They need our help.

Trending this Week:

HAB and Eutrophication should now be part of our Ocean Lover Lexicon. 
  • Terrified by ‘hothouse Earth’? Don’t despair — do something Yes, the prospect of runaway climate change is terrifying. But this dead world is not our destiny. It’s entirely avoidable. As the authors of the paper have argued in response to the coverage, implying otherwise is the same as giving up just as the fight gets tough.
  • The worst in years, a Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) in Florida continues, due to eutrophication along coastal beaches, and in lakes, rivers and estuaries. It’s actually perfect storm of THREE different algae blooms. Red Tide is killing a heartbreaking amount of sea life along the coast; Blue-green algae has exploded in central Florida’s Lake Okeechobee from the nutrient run-off from agriculture and communities; The 3rd algae bloom is sargassum – a stinky seaweed that has been assaulting coastlines in FL and the Caribbean for 2 months.

In the Network:

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• Zale Perry is featured in Fourth Element’s Pioneer Collection, which celebrates the women who have excelled as adventurers and explorers of the underwater world, pushing boundaries and raising awareness of this incredible part of our planet.

• Marine Biologist Samantha Whitcraft at the Sea of Change Foundation knows something about wetlands and run-off in FL. She’s shares this study on the causes of the Harmful Algae Bloom explosion in FL.

• The world premiere of composer Stella Sung’s Oceana, Sounds of the Sea” will be played by the Boston Landmarks Orchestra on Aug. 15 with backdrop images by filmmaker/photographer Annie Crawley.   (LINK   )

• Bali brothers Gary and Sam Bencheghib share Tips to change the world with one crazy idea in a recent Red Bull article.

 Blue Frontier’s Blue Notes is out and David Helvarg shares his views on Coral, Cuba and Trump.

• Steve Weaver (Summit ’14) and his team are celebrating 35 years for Weavers Dive & Travel.

• Filmmaker/ Explorers Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr are in Canada’s arctic right now filming polar bears, narwhals and more for their documentary Under Thin Ice. The film project explores the effects of climate change on the Arctic and its wildlife.

• Just landed in Greenland, Susan EatonAmanda Cotton and Becky Kagan-Schott are just a few of the all-women Sedna Expedition team members who have launched the first ever snorkel expedition thru the NW Passage, visiting Inuit communities impacted by melting glaciers.

• SeaLegacy founders Cristina Mittemeir and Paul Nicklen were named #1 Ocean Heroes by BOAT International.

• In the Philippines, Ludwig Federigan shares the results of the latest survey, Make the Change Happen: What the Most Influential NGOs Working on Climate Change and Sustainability Have to Say About Behavior Change.”

• Dr. Austin Gallagher is one of the contributors to this interactive shark and fishing map that allows you to see how tagged shark movements intersect with commercial fishing vessels in the Atlantic.

• Wallace J. Nichols  promotes the benefits of being by water, getting readers’ blue minds on in the process in Quartz.

• Film for the Planet’s Thea LaGrou offers this murmurative article on order and creativity that reminds us ocean actionists there is a sweet spot to be found on the edge of change.

•  Exercise your right to influence ocean policySurfriders‘ Voice for the Ocean allows everyone to express their views on the political measures to be adopted at the European level.

Ocean News:

A Deeper Understanding of Situations and Solutions
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Sunlight triggers chemical reactions that make the Deepwater Horizon oil spill unlikely to degrade (Natural News)

The oceans’ last chance: ‘It has taken years of negotiations to set this up’ (The Guardian)
High Seas Alliance recommendations for cross-cutting issues under the
new international legally binding instrument
 (High Seas Alliance)

Great White Shark Nursery Location Confirmed (Fondriest)
Marin coast sea floor explored for clues on how to protect sensitive areas (Marin IJ)
A modelled global distribution of the seagrass biome (Science Direct)
Small-scale fisheries threatened—shared management, communication key to success (Phys)



Everyone is an ocean changemaker through awareness and daily choices.
A 38 ft Whale Surfaces in Bruges (Colossal)
Meet Plastozilla, Oslo’s Newest Attraction (The Local)

Sustainable Fashion Made With Zero Water Waste: How Cosmos Studio Are Changing The Game(Ethical Unicorn)
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This startup wants your next T-shirt to be made from wood (Fast Company)

Ocean-Friendly Restaurants (Surfrider)
Vegan Restaurant Funding (Gud Capital)
Vegan Seafood Is About To Become Big Business–And Not A Moment Too Soon (Forbes)

5 Reasons to show the importance of water (Thrive Global)

Climate Insurance in a Changing World (World Observatory)
Techstars Sustainability Accelerator: 10 Start-Ups Driving Innovation For The Planet (Forbes)

Far North Reefs Bouncing Back from Bleaching (Cairns Post)
Why Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is much more than a Tourist Attraction (Mic)
How to Manage Underwater Phtotographers (Green Fins Video)

The Original Sunscreen: Iron-Silica (Astro Bio)

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