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 “People around the world are aware that the ocean is threatened
and what the major threats are to the ocean.” 

~ Heike Lotze, Professor of Marine Ecology,  Dalhousie University

If the amount of Top Ocean Stories in 2017 was an anecdotal indicator our beloved ocean is finally getting the attention it deserves, now there is scientific proof. A New Study to be published in the journal Ocean and Coastal Management in February underscores top of mind public awareness of ocean issues. We found an early bird copy of “Public Perceptions of Marine Threats and Protection from Around the World” courtesy of the Lotze Lab you can DOWNLOAD now!

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Viral Image of the Week – “The Sharksicle”
A bizarre “bomb cyclone” storm system unleashed frigid temperatures along the US East Coast last week.Three Thresher Sharks beached on Cape Cod, too frozen for a necropsy. (Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy).

Ocean-Worthy This Week:  

Viral Image Makers:  Our Ocean Year in Review would not be complete without taking a peek at the Top Viral Images of 2017. Sea Unicorns, Sea Sparkle, a Sea Horse, and a Sea Dragon are in the top 10.


Viral Video of the Year: Gary and Sam Bencheghib’s videoed voyage  Kayaking Down the World’s Most Polluted River in plastic bottle kayaks. Their video coverage went viral causing international uproar and action, forcing the Indonesian government to declare an Emergency Action Plan to clean up the Citarum River. In our view, the brothers’ #PlasticBottleCitarum campaign is the top viral video of 2017.  (Credit:  Make A Change World)

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Sustainable Tourism Index:  Blue Ocean Summit Alumnus Dr. Rachel Dodds (’14) is a contributor to The Economist’s Sustainable Tourism Index 2018. Download your copy here:

Vote early! Vote often! Dive & Travel Industry Members,  DEMA Board Elections are days away. Join or renew your DEMA membership to vote for the kind of ocean-conscious industry you want. We wish Network members Jerry Beaty and Steve Weaver the very best in their election bids …

Spread the Word! Plans for March for the Ocean on June 9 are moving fast. Ocean Tribe go right now and Like/Follow these SM Channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use #MarchForOcean #OceansAreRising #SoAreWe #M4O to spread the word.

Angler Science Series: Marine Scientist Gaelin Rosenwaks of Global Ocean Exploration has a focus on fisheries. Check out her latest Fishing for Science video featuring the Seychelles’ Giant Trevally.

Readers for the Sea Unite!  Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (Summit ’14/’16) is hosting another Blue Mind Experience event Jan. 16-19 in Monterrey CA, that features a Book Night with three excellent ocean authors Jaimal Yogis (Saltwater Buddha), David Helvarg (Saved By The Sea) and James Nestor (DEEP).

VIRAL VIDEO OF THE WEEK – “Whale Altruism”
Marine Biologist Nan Hauser, studying cetaceans in the Cook Islands, was shocked when her humpback whale subject seemingly tried to shield her from a 15 ft Tiger Shark during a 10 minute encounter. (Credit: Caters Clips)

Ocean News:


Ocean Sanctuaries and REEF.org Offer Citizen Science Course (Blue Ocean Network)
Strong Support for Ocean Protection (Science Daily)
Viral Shark Dragging Video Suspects Please Not Guilty to Animal Cruelty (WiOD News)SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD
Millennials More Likely to be Hooked on Sustainable Fish (Business Green)
Eating Fish Sustainably: How Hong Kong is Decimated Fish Stocks (South China Morning Post)
How Putting Algae and Seaweed on Menues Could Help Save Our Seafood (Independent)LIFESTYLE
Five Innovative Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic (B The Change)
Eco-Ethical Fashion: Sustainable Trends to Watch (Triple Pundit)
Home Biogas: Turning Food Waste into Renewable Energy  (The Conversation)
Beer Aims to Raise Awareness for Manta Rays (The Drinks Business)PLASTIC POLLUTION:
Great Britain Leads the Way in Plastic Pollution (Blue Ocean Network)
The Truly Alarming Scale of the Global Ocean Plastic Crisis Laid Bare by Storm Eleanor (The Telegraph)
Reducing Plastic Pollution in the Ocean (Scuttlebutt Sailing News)SUSTAINABLE TOURISM & RECREATION INDUSTRY
Deadline for Elections to DEMA Board of Directors (Blue Ocean Network)
PATA Launches Fight to Cut Food Waste (Travel Weekly)
Driving Sustainability at Mauna Kea Golf Resort (Green Biz)

Could Giant Solar Rigs Floating on the Ocean Convert Sea Water to Hydrogen Fuel? (Smithsonian)
New Projects Try to Reduce Vast Fields of Tires in Ocean off Ft. Lauderdale (Sun Sentinel)
Are You Eating Sustainable Fish? Blockchain May Provide the Answer (Fortune)

Climate Scientists Unlock Secrets of Blue Carbon (Nature)
Earthquakes Encourage the Movement of Carbon from the Shallows to the Deep Ocean (UPI)
The Largest Deep Ocean Eruption in History was Really Quite Bizarre (IFLScience!)

Bomb Cyclone Freezes Ocean, Drone Captures the View (CNET)
Bomb Cyclone and Boiling Bats (Blue Ocean Network)
The Bottom of the Ocean has Started Sinking Under the Weight of Melting Glaciers (Science Alert)
Climate Change is Suffocating Large Parts of the Ocean (NatGeo)

What’s Six Feet Long and has 300 Teeth?  (Blue Ocean Network)
Eight Awe-Inspiring Ocean Discoveries in 2017 (News Deepl

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Soak this up awesome ocean image


SOAK THIS UP – “Double Green Flash”
A stunning ocean image caught by Chris Mannerino on Dec 17, 2017 at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park in San Diego.
Santa Ana winds and California Wild Fires may have assisted the green flash effect. (Photo Courtesy: EarthSky)

Careers, Volunteers, Internships:

Have an opening? Looking for opportunities? Let us know so we can share it with this amazingly connected network!

• Social Media Volunteer: Interested in helping run a #MarchForOcean SM Channel?  Contact Nikki Caputo at wingspanmedia@gmail.com
• Volunteer Armchair Editor:  Blue Ocean Network is looking for a retired teacher or bored English Major to help us as a Copy Reader, spellchecker and grammar artisan. Contact Laurie@BlueOcean.net
Research Intern: Monterey Bay Aquarium has begun its search for a Summer/Fall Research 6-month Intern to assist its Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) staff with field observations and data collection of wild sea otters along California’s Monterey Peninsula. Deadline: March 1, 2018.
Animal Rescue Intern: The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a summer/fall 6-month internship available for an Animal Care Intern to assist SORAC staff with the care and release of live-stranded sea otters in Monterey Bay.   Deadline: March 1, 2018.
Photo Project FundingBlue Earth Alliance sponsors educational photography projects on endangered environments using its tax exempt status. Accepted projects allow photographers to seek grants and tax deductible donations, and receive assistance with organization and funding. Deadline: Jan 20, 2018.


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