Ocean Nomad-boathitchhiking-guide-atlantic-ocean-sailing-sailing blue ocean author book coverHaven’t we all dreamed about catching a ride on a sailboat crossing the ocean and throwing our everyday worries to the wind. Well now there’s a guide that tells you exactly how you can follow your dream. Ocean Nomad’s 400 pages are packed with stories and practical advice that takes you from armchair traveler to adventure traveler.

On October 27, Ocean Nomad will be launched aboard the classic, wooden sailing boat Grace in Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

The following day Grace will sail to Puerto Calero for the Ocean Film Festival and a screening of the People’s Choice award winning documentary Vanishing Sail.

The film’s producers hope that they can keep alive the tradition of wooden boat building in the Caribbean and stimulate badly needed tourism to the area.


Meet the Author

Ocean Nomad is the work of Suzanne van der Veeken, who for the last four years has been slow traveling the world under sail, including three voyages across the Atlantic. Suzanne’s experiences have introduced her to the beauty of the ocean but also to the challenges the ocean is facing today.

In Ocean Nomad, Suzanne provides practical tips, including how to hitch a ride on someone’s boat, but also hopes to help adventure-seekers to share in the magic of the high seas and encourage positive change, saying “When people have felt that connection to the ocean, they’ll be more triggered to care and act.” In Ocean Nomad, Suzanne includes +75 actionable takeaways on how sailors can make a positive difference for the ocean.

“This ambitious guide book is the spark that will ignite your sense of adventure and provoke your compassion to create a better world,” says Monique Mills Captain of the Grace and ocean advocate.

“An inspiration and fantastic guide on hitch sailing and ocean preservation. It should be on every yacht out there at sea.” – Steve Green Yacht Master Instructor and Ocean Master

“A must read for everyone who loves the ocean. Suus hands you the guidelines for sailing adventures and she clears the path for all your ‘but what ifs’ and the ‘yes buts’….. Yes, the book is about hitch-sailing and loving the ocean, but most of all she encourages you to take the step to pursue the dream instead of postponing it. So read the book, explore what works for you and create your own adventure!” – Lonneke Rentinck Aspiring sailor

“I was absolutely amazed: is it really possible to cross an ocean if you don’t have sailing experience!? Inspired by Suzanne’s adventures and her very well provided details and information on the subject, I felt totally ready to throw off the bowlines myself. And I did!” – Janneke Dijkhuis Ocean Hitch-Sailor

Get the Book. Get the BON Discount!

The official launch of Ocean Nomad is being held in Malta Oct 27-28, 2017.  Our community gets a special launch discount of 10% (ebook or print version) by using the discount code BLUEOCEAN when you order at Ocean Nomad.

Ocean Nomad “the Atlantic Ocean” is the first title in an ocean adventure travel series with a Caribbean edition to follow. Learn more about Ocean Adventure Travel and the author at Oceanpreneur. Ocean Nomad is available at Ocean Nomad.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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