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Credit: Blue Ventures is looking for a Country Manager in Timor-Leste.

Have an Ocean Job in science, marine ecotourism or sustainable business?  Offering Ocean Jobs as an Intern or Volunteer Positions? Looking for Ocean Project Funding? Let us know so we can share it with this amazingly connected network!



• The Duke University Division of Marine Science and Conservation is looking for a Research Technician for the Social and Ecological Dimensions of Marine Conservation.

• WWF MesoAmerican has a Marine Conservation Tecnnical Officer position available for the Belize Field Program Office.

• Blue Ventures is an award-winning marine conservation organisation working to rebuilt tropical fisheries with coastal communities looking for a Country Manager in Timor-Leste.

• The Devon City Council is searching for a Project Manager to develop a Bio-Cultural Heritage Tourism project along the 4 UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves bordering the Channel.

• Plan Bleu is recruiting a Project Manager “Blue Economy and Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean.”

The Marine Management Organisation is recruiting for a Marine Conservation Manager, a PA to the Directors, Assurance Officer (Networks), a Business Analyst, a Content Designer and Marine Officers.

• The University of Brighton is looking for an Environment Officer (Strategy and Logistics) to lead on Sustainable Travel, Waste Management and Biodiversity projects.

• Nature, Economy, and People Connected (NEPCon) is looking for a Tourism Auditor in Peru.

• The City of Edinburgh Council is looking for a Travel Plan and Research/Monitoring Officer.

• CorPower Ocean is looking to hire a Technical Project Manager as it prepares to enter the next-stage in the development of its full-scale wave energy device.




• GVI is looking to recruit digital nomads to join their first group of freelance travel writing interns.
• Green Destinations has openings for Interns interested in sustainability in tourism.
• The International EcoTourism Society has a series of intern positions.
• Heal the Bay has six internships: Advancement Internship, Aquarist Internship, Coastal Cleanup Day Internships, Programs Department Internship, MPA Watch Internship, Aquarium Education Internship.
• Give and Surf offers internships in Bocas del Toro, Panama for those pursuing a career in international affairs, Latin American studies, non-profit management, or education.



• GVI needs volunteers to help local partners with sea turtle Conservation and Education programs in Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay. Book before August 31.
•The Marine Megafauna Foundation is looking for an Alternative Livelihoods Project Manager.
• The East Coast Environmental Law Association is looking for a Volunteer Environmental Photographer. 
• The Bimini Shark Lab has Volunteer openings for field work experience.
• Volunteer with the Gili Shark Conservation Project in Indonesia.
• The White Shark Diving Company is looking for Shark Marine Volunteers.



• Latest Call for Papers: Climate Change and Resilience in the Indian Ocean region, particularly interested in blue carbon; environmental problem-solving; region-building; collaboration; and co-operative models.
• Turtle Island Restoration Network has a Conservation Scholarship for a person beginning or early in his or her marine conservation career to participate from December 7 – 17, 2018 on a ten-day shark and sea turtle tagging expedition to Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica.
• Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute (CRI) and Griffith Sciences are offering three full-time scholarships for new PhD candidates interested in researching topics relating to the problems and opportunities experienced in the interface between sea and cities.



• “Out Of The Blue Box – Reef Innovation Challenge” will award $300,000 in prize money for transformative ideas to addresses the issues of stress on the Great Barrier Reef.

• The LIFE Programme is the European Union’s funding instrument for environment and climate projects. They have a current proposal to map and assess the state of ecosystems and their services in the outermost regions of the EU.

• For any creative Oceanpreneurs that can use the power of the ocean, tourism, or enforcement to better the lives of coastal communities, Zinc Mission 2 is looking for 50 creative people to build new businesses that make a real difference in the world.

• Sustainable Aquaculture Projects have a place for funding. Sea Pact, is a group of North American Seafood companies dedicated to a sustainable supply chain. Initial 1-2 page Letters of Interest are due by August 20, 2018. Selected organisations will be requested to submit a full project proposal by mid-September. Sea Pact aims to announce grant recipients in late 2018.

• Florida Resilient Coastline Program has funding for 13 projects.

• There is $10 million in funding available through the Gulf Research Program to Enhance Coastal Community Resilience and Well-Being in the Gulf of Mexico Region.

• The Global Seaweed STAR Fund (£900k total) will provide £200k in Travel Grants (up to £2k each) and £700k in Research and Innovation grants (from £5k to £50k) to enable rapid reactivity to emerging crises in the seaweed industry and foster further international cooperation between researchers and practitioners in this field to promote the sustainable growth of the global seaweed industry.

• The Save Our Seas Foundation has Keystone Grants for projects that promote the recovery of sawfishes, wedgefish and guitarfish.

• Climate Bonds are available for domestic and international projects intended to address aging infrastructure, seismic reliability, combined sewer discharges, rising sea levels and localized flooding.

• Circulate Capital is an impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing innovation, companies, and infrastructure that prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s ocean while advancing the circular economy.

• The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards has funding for committed female entrepreneurs. Deadline: August 30, 2018

• NOAA has funding for a Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration.

• Starting July 26 – November 15, NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration & Research is soliciting proposals for ocean exploration in waters under U.S. jurisdiction.

NOAA’s RESTORE Science Program has a funding opportunity for tracking, understanding, and/or predicting trends and variability in the Gulf of Mexico’s living coastal and marine resources and the processes driving them. Approximately $15 million USD is available to fund six projects for five years.

• Funding to support capacity building in developing countries for reducing marine mammal bycatch through the Global Fund for Marine Mammal Bycatch Solutions.

The Sea Change Foundation has funding to empower and enable the global dive community to act as first-responders to reef damaging incidents.

• The Coral Reef Funding Landscape explores international funding allocations for the sustainable management of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrasses.

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