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Artivist and Plastic Pollution Coalition Co-Founder Dianna Cohen is one of 30 artists featured in the exhibit “Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials” on view at Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art through December 30, 2018. Here is a recent interview with Dianna who discussed art, plastic, gyres, what you can do, and the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of hundreds of individuals, organizations, and businesses working to stop plastic pollution.

Ocean Metaphor: Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea, is an artful collection of stunning underwater images, stories and quotes crafted to help you feel deeply connected to the world around you. Co-authors Cathryn Castle Garcia and Capt. Gui Garcia offer interesting facts about marine animals they’ve encountered and share insightful life lessons aimed at helping us all relate to the underwater world. You’ll recognize a few of photographer contributors to this book: Michele Hall, Karen Straus, Jett Britnell, Marty Snyderman, Tanya Burnett, Evan Sherman, Ellen Cuylaerts, Douglas David Seifert, Kevin Davidson, Allison Vitsky Sallmon, Barry Guimbellot, Jennifer and Joel Penner, Kevin Lee, Eric Hanauer, Chris Huss and Jayne JenkinsGet your copy here.


Ellen Cuylaerts UW Photography Competition

The British Society of UW Photographers Society Congratulations to Ellen Cuylaerts who took the public vote to win the British and Irish Advanced category and the judges’ vote for overall winner, so 1st prize in the BSoUP/DIVER print competition. Formed in November 1967, BSOUP is the largest underwater photographic society in Britain. In addition to BSOUP supports its members through presentations, a quarterly magazine, member photobooks and a slough of competitions that help photographers develop their skills. Check out their website and Facebook Group.

National Geographic’s Annual Best of Photography: NatGeo announced its top 100 photographs of 2018. Some amazing uw photographers were featured in the group:  Brian SkerryPaul NicklenCristina Goettsch MittermeierLaurent BallestaFlorian Schulz, Thomas Peschak and David Liittschwager.

Thai Cave Rescue – Possibly one of the most compelling stories of 2018, the Thai Cave Rescue put scuba diving and cave divers on the global stage. Many people in our community know the cave divers who rescued the Thai boys and their coach from the rising waters. If you missed the PBS Special on the Thai Cave Rescue, it is now available on demand at until Dec 12 here.


The Climate Pilgrammage AG Sano

Climate Pilgrim Yeb Sano speaks with Austrian President Alexander Van Der Bellen while his brother AG Sano follows the conversation.

Philippino Artist AG Sano (who many of us met at ADEX Singapore) learned first hand the effects of climate change with Cat 5 Hurricane Haiyan devastating his native country. AG and his brother Yeb Sano are part of The Climate Pilgrimage, a 1500 km walk from Rome Italy to the UN Climate Summit (COP24) to be held in Katowice Poland in December. Yeb Sano made an unforgettable speech in 2013 in Warsaw Poland at COP19 just after Haiyan. Now the brothers return to Poland.  Recently Yeb and AG walked through Vienna’s People’s Park with President of Austria Alexander Van Der Bellen who listened to their message that climate change is a human rights issue. Follow their journey at  #theclimatepilgrimage  Join the movement seeking climate justice by adding your signature here.  


Karmenu Vella, the European Commission for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, recently donated prize money from receiving the prestigious German Ocean Award to Sustainable Ocean Alliance. Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA).  Daniella Fernandez is the Founder of this international nonprofit that empowers young innovators to become leaders in preserving the health and sustainability of the ocean. More here.

Wavemaker Award to UW Junior Ranger Program Creator At the annual DEMA SHow, Jessica Keller won the WaveMaker Award for her work with the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center. The Wavemaker Award is presented to those young leaders in the diving community who are expected to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Jessica created the Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer Program that allows kids to learn more about the underwater world and earn a National Park Junior Ranger badge.  Download the pdf.


MAPS Supported in Europe.  Rishi Diva of reports that the movement to create a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary is closer to fruition. now has a charity set up in Europe giving leverage to create the world’s largest protected area in history in the Arctic. Please simply sign the petition at … your voice matters more than ever..

Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation We’re thrilled to announce that the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation has been approved and has received tax status in the US and Canada. (Until they are up and running, WWF continues to accept donations on their behalf.) Donate to support their important work to stop unsustainable shark fisheries.

Ground Zero in Kiribati – Conservation International’s Dr. Greg Stone is on Kanton Island to install temperature loggers and make observations of the coral reefs. Located in the Republic of Kiribati, Kanton Island is “ground zero” in coral reef climate change research. It is at the heart of the Phoenix Island’s Protected Area (PIPA), the worlds largest and deepest UNESCO World Heritage site.


Ningaloo Reef Australia Whaleshark Conference

The International Whale Shark Conference will be held at the Ningaloo Reef Center, Australia May 28-30, 2019.

From 28-31 May 2019, the Australian town of Exmouth in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area will welcome delegates to the 5th International Whale Shark Conference (IWSC5), a meeting of the world’s leading whale shark scientists, conservationists, natural resource managers and tourism managers. To be held at the new Ningaloo Centre, the conference is timed to showcase Ningaloo’s world’s best practice whale shark management program and will follow the 5th International Whale Shark Conference, an annual community event that celebrates these magnificent animals.


blue heron bridge florida

Protect Marine Life at the Blue Heron Bridge: After the Blue Heron Bridge became the site of a legal take-zone for a Texas aquarium, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission has received requests to prohibit all collection of marine life/aquarium species in the popular dive area surrounding Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach Florida. Blue Heron Bridge is considered a top dive site in the U.S. Please take a few minutes and exercise your voice to ask FWC to protect the Blue Heron bridge from any type of taking, poaching or harassing of the precious sea life at the bridge. Leave your comment here. Learn more about this unique environment by joining the Blue Heron Bridge Preservation Initiative FB Group.

Goliath Grouper & Shark Fishing in Florida: The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission will be meeting to talk about future management of the Goliath Grouper. YOUR public comments and input are also needed at this meeting; public comments opposed to lifting the moratorium could help prevent the future harvesting of this animal, which is slow to mature and reproduce. There are substantial arguments against harvest, some of which can be found here.  This meeting will also include several Draft Rules important to the Florida Diving Industry; Draft Rules on Shore-based Shark Fishing, which has been shown to result in the killing of at-risk shark species such as the Great Hammerhead and Tiger, You don’t have to be a resident to leave your comment here


Belize blue hole Expedition

Marine Biologist Gaelin Rosenwaks joins Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau on a journey to the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole.

Journey to the bottom of the Blue Hole. Expedition Biologist Gaelin Rosenwaks has joined Virgin Group founder and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson and documentary filmmaker and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau for a two week expedition to map the Belize Blue Hole and environs using side-scan sonar from subs supplied by Aquatica Submarines


Creative Communications for more Corporate Responsibility:  NatGeo Explorer and Creative Conservationist Asher Jay urged businesses at the recent BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) Conference to deepen their engagement in conservation and be better stewards. Please watch to see her stunning images shift complacency to unavoidable awareness.

Shark Expert at the Stock Exchange Dr. Austin Gallagher was at the NY Stock Exchange recently to launch a new beverage. Tempo is taking a new approach to caffeine and energy with its teas. Austin Gallagher and Ryan Crane, co-founders of Tempo, explain the science behind their products and how micro-dosing plays a role.  A portion of  sale proceeds goes to shark research.



Green Sea Turtles Migration Great Barrier Reef

Thousands of green sea turtles were seen near Raine IIsland on their annual nesting migration to the Great Barrier Reef..(Credit: Christian Miller)

Photographer Christian Miller discovered scores of Green Sea turtles floating near Raine Island, a vegetated coral cay on the outer Great Barrier Reef and home to the largest Green Sea Turtle nesting ground in the world.  About 70 per cent of the world’s green turtle population nest in the remote locale. See the drone video footage here.


File Under “Didn’t Get the Memo from another Giant Squid Photographer EVER.”
In a clip from the BBC Earth series Deadly 60, host Steve Backshall spent a little time with an elegant Humboldt squid. At first the captive cephalopod was quite calm, but eventually became irritated with the persistent host and bit him, letting Backshall know that he’d quite overstayed his welcome. Please don’t try this on your next Giant Squid dive.

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