Back by popular demand, the Sustainable Diving Think Tank and Dialogue is a special industry-only workshop for forward-thinking business owners on Opening Day at ADEX Singapore – the popular dive, travel and marine conservation show. The set up offers a short walk for Main Hall Exhibitors to join peers, speakers and industry stakeholders in the BlueGreen360 Zone on Friday April 6th at 11am (before the crowds roll in.)


Ocean-conscious Businesses Learn How to Profit from Profound Change


How to Ride the Waves of Change

The free event will bring attendees up to speed on the latest dive business practices that are helping industry members to ride the big waves of change happening now. The event serves to provide a safe, constructive and collaborative environment to help shape and embed sustainability in the dive and travel industry to produce long term resilience.  The event will highlight successes and the unforeseen benefits of shifting to more sustainable practices. It will help dive businesses to overcome challenges and celebrate and share their successes. 


The event will include:

  • A Kick-off Dialogue with Industry panelists (with an audience Q&A)
  • A Stories of Transformation segment, sharing updates from participants of last year’s Sustainable Diving Think Tank and Dialogue
  • A Group Brainstorming session that spotlights important, achievable milestones that unlock the power of the sustainable business model.

The Organizers

Hosted by ADEX UW 360 Business Forum, presented by the UN Environment and The Reef-World Foundation (Green Fins international coordinators) and supported by Blue Ocean Network. Event Chair Gabriel Grimsditch from the UN Environment will lead a panel presentation; Q&A discussion and a brainstorming session on the sustainable dive business initiatives that are catching on at a global level.
Sustainable-diving-think-tank-adex-2017-cropped ocean-conscious businesses


The 2018 event rides the successes of 2017

The inaugural event in 2017 brought together all stakeholders in the dive industry: Dive Operators, liveaboards, resorts, travel providers, dive training organizations, manufacturers, photographers, conservationists, scientists, the media and more. The attendees, representing over 60 organizations learned and shared valuable perspectives and specific tips and practices to improve their businesses.  Participants walked away with an expanded network of ocean people on the same path.

The event gave attendees  simple steps that they can apply immediately to streamline their businesses, attract loyal customers and staff, increase revenues, and collaborate with other stakeholders to lower costs. Ongoing support continues and networking grows through a closed Sustainable Dive Industry Pros FaceBook Group.

How to Participate

Industry professionals can register for this free event and learn more at the Eventbrite page. If you have any questions, please email the team at 

By Laurie Wilson, Blue Ocean Network


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