My Ocean is Our Ocean

Over 3 billion people depend directly on our seas for their livelihoods. But in reality, all of us depend on the ocean: for our water, our food, our climate and our air. Human action has left our ocean heavily affected by pollution, over exploitation, coastal degradation and global warming. This has severe consequences for all. A new vision is needed, along with strong and action-oriented commitments.


Our Ocean Conference 2017

our ocean logo 2017 maltaOn 5-6 October 2017, global leaders are invited to Malta for the 4th “Our Ocean Conference“. Now more than ever there is an urgent need to come together. Future generations deserve our best efforts. The world’s ocean community will renew commitments in the fight against climate change. They will take new actions to ensure maritime security, sustainable fisheries and blue economy. They will announce new marine protected areas and measures in the fight against marine pollution.

Since 2014, Our Ocean conferences have invited world leaders to look forward and respond, pledging high-level commitments and transforming the challenges ahead into an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. As in previous years, the 2017 edition “An Ocean for Life”, will be upon invitation only. It will be hosted by the European Union in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean.



In the last few decades, science has revealed the widespread deterioration of the marine environment and its resources, something long witnessed by coastal populations. In response, we must focus on nurturing our collective capacity to tackle these challenges and mitigate their impact. We need immediate and forward-looking actions that protect the marine environment.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we must invest in solutions: ambitious political actions that mobilize change-makers from government, business and civil society to turn good ideas into reality.

The Our Ocean Conference is all about driving these commitments. Commitments that will reduce marine pollution, sustainably manage aquatic resources, mitigate climate change, and set up marine sanctuaries.


My Message to me Grandchildren from Karmenu Vella, my Ocean is #OurOcean



Dive deeper into the Our Ocean Conference 2017 Areas of Action.  Visit the Our Ocean 2017 Website. Our Ocean Commitments


Breaking News: As a result of being invited to participate in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, the Reef Life Restoration Science Team  has now been invited to present their proposal on Saving Coral Reefs at the second summit of young ocean leaders as a parallel event to the Our Ocean conference in Malta on 5-6 October 2017. Reef Life is asking for your financial support to help send their team of young scientists to Malta by making a donation here.

Our Ocean, An Ocean For Life Leadership Summit will bring together the next generation of entrepreneurs, political and civil society leaders, scientists and researchers to brainstorm and come up with visionary ideas on how to conserve and sustainably use Our Ocean, for the present and future generations.


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