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Pacific Islands are Drowning in Arctic Water

Founded by award-winning music artist, producer and Ocean Changemaker, Parvati, not-for-profit has a vision to slow down the melting Arctic ice. The loss of ice in the Arctic, called a “death spiral” by scientists, is linked with sea level rise, unstable global weather patterns, super storms, floods and sea level rise. These problems lead to wide-scale suffering in countries far from the Arctic. The Pacific Island nation of Samoa has repeatedly called on world leaders to stop the Pacific Islands from drowning. This country has joined with to intervene on this unfolding humanitarian and economic crisis.

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A Simple Plan to Protect the Arctic

The plan is to create the world’s largest marine protected area in the Arctic, called the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). The hope is that this plan will stabilize the melting polar ice and compel a global shift to renewable energy. It seems like a tall order but the strategy is surprisingly simple. To create this marine protected area, is championing a unifying international agreement, administered by the United Nations, called the MAPS Treaty. This legal nation-binding document enters into force with the signatures of 99 nations. MAPS takes a large step to realization with the recent announcement that the MAPS Treaty has its first nation signatory.


Samoa is the First MAPS Signatory

parvati marine arctic peace sanctuary, samoa signator, World's Largest MPA in ArcticSamoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi knows first hand about sea level rise caused by melting ice caps. He signed the MAPS Treaty in early February 2018, and issued this strong statement:

“Samoa is pleased to support the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) Treaty. For us, this Treaty along with the Oceans Pathway reflects the richness of the oceans in biodiversity and their significant role in regulating temperatures, as well as the need to protect our planet’s cooling system so as to stabilize climate and sea levels. Small island states like Samoa which are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change see MAPS as a realizable solution to addressing pivotal climate change issues.” has since heard from other Pacific Island states who also want to sign the MAPS Treaty.


Jane Goodall Endorses the Case for MAPS

Dr. Jane Goodall supports MAPS. marine arctic peace sanctuary, World's Largest MPA in Arctic

With scientific allies like Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle endorsing the Case for Support of this Treaty, has grabed the attention of world leaders. The MAPS Treaty has been translated into all official UN languages, provided to all 193 UN member states, and has been shared with officials at COP21, COP22, COP23 and UNGA 72 at four UN Conventions.

Explains founder Parvati: “The fact that it is countries more than half a world away from the Arctic who show strong support for MAPS just shows that we are all in this together.”


Filling the Holes in the Law of the Sea

Today, much of the Arctic Ocean is unprotected under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). This agreement allows coastal states to exploit all natural resources within 200 nautical miles or more from their coastlines. The U.S., Russia, Canada, Norway and Denmark have all laid claims to the oil/ gas development, and water/fisheries resources in the Arctic.

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The MAPS Treaty, when signed into law by 99 nations, will close the loophole that currently allows uncontrolled resource exploitation, including oil drilling and deep sea mining, north of the Arctic Circle. As an addendum to the UNCLOS, the MAPS TREATY overrides the outdated provisions and intervenes on uncontrolled development that hurts the entire planet. Instead of a small patch of high seas protection near the North Pole, the MAPS Treaty protects all Arctic Ocean waters north of the Arctic circle, regardless of jurisdiction.


Parvati – A Voice of Change

parvati marine arctic peace sanctuary, World's Largest MPA in ArcticPerformance artist and songwriter, Parvati and her manager Rishi Deva, joined the Blue Ocean Summit in 2016 to discuss the need for the largest marine conservation area in history. They explored the role Cultural Creatives like musicians can play. Not a scientist, lawyer or politician, Parvati produces award-winning lushly layered dance-pop music and electronic soundscapes that have topped the music charts.

Seven years ago, she had a dream of a whale in the Arctic. This dream was so vivid, she canceled a scheduled music tour of Asia. Instead, she headed to Canada’s Arctic to give the northernmost musical performance ever. The North Pole performance was a game-changer for Parvati. Her first-hand experience of the effects of ice loss in the Arctic led her to found the not-for-profit The organization raises awareness of the melting polar ice, championing a global campaign to create MAPS.

This mission has magnetized a passionate group of changemakers to make the MAPS Treaty a foundation for the planet’s future. Explains Parvati, the role of a hands-off Marine Protected area is simple.

“We need to stop interfering and let the ecosystem heal. And by taking Arctic oil off the table, MAPS inspires a global shift to renewable energy. MAPS is a simple and effective solution on so many levels.”

Her dedication to MAPS is total; Parvati volunteers her time and all her creative work to its immediate realization. She is using her voice, her creativity and her music connections for change. Bob Geldof’s partner in Live Aid, legendary concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith, is now part of the MAPS production team to onboard the music industry with a ‘Live Aid for the Arctic” themed concert.

Parvati remarks: “The advancement of technology and the speed at which our environment is changing, this is a pivotal moment in human history when we have never had a greater opportunity to come together as one Earth family.” and MAPS are non-political and non-partisan.

“There is no time for any thoughts of opposition. If someone were abusing your mother, you would do all you could to protect her. That is our situation in the Arctic.”

Whether it is by working alongside the United Nations, convincing global leaders to shift to sustainability or touching the hearts of the world through the pop music mainstream, Parvati is the voice of change.


Let your Voice Be Heard

People can sign the MAPS petition at, organizations can join the coalition at and people can donate to the all-volunteer-run organization at To find out about Parvati’s creative works visit


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