manatee_protect manatees, manatee protection, marine conservation, prtected marine area(Blue Ocean – April 17, 2014) — DEMA has released a new manatee poster to compliment the manatee public service announcement video and audio which includes a voiceover from Jimmy Buffett.  The PSA and poster are aimed at boosting awareness for how to safely interact with manatees while in and on the water. The 30 second PSA and complimentary poster are available online now for DEMA Members to share with their local and online diving communities. The PSA is also being distributed by DEMA to television and radio networks in Florida’s media markets to help spread the message.

“DEMA has joined the Save The Manatee Organization in efforts to prevent the risk of extinction of manatees due to the human related encounters,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. “It is critical to all of us in the Dive Industry who have enjoyed snorkeling and diving with these majestic marine mammals to keep them safe.”manatee_poster., marine conservation, protect manatees, manatee protection,

Both the PSA and poster are part of DEMA’s ongoing work to raise awareness among boaters, divers and snorkelers of the need to protect these gentle giants. The PSA, narrated by Jimmy Buffett, and poster provide consumers with fundamental knowledge on how they can keep the manatees safe and highlights the rules of sharing Florida’s oceans, rivers and springs with Florida’s official marine mammal.

The PSA and poster will also be promoted as a social media campaign via DEMA, Be A Diver and DiveCaching Twitter and Facebook pages. The poster is available to be viewed, shared and downloaded and the PSA can be viewed and shared via the Be A Diver YouTube Channel.

The Manatee Awareness PSA was created to expand efforts to raise awareness about the presence of manatees in Florida’s waters and to reach more people in Florida and outside the state about how to prevent harm to the manatees. For more information about Save The Manatees, visit, and for more information on how you can help, visit

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