Representatives from the EU, Brazil and South Africa will gather in Lisbon, Portugal, July 12-14, 2017 for a first-ever, high-level ministerial and scientific event to establish a New Era of Blue Enlightenment.

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The Launch of the South Atlantic Flagship

The event will celebrate the launch of the South Atlantic Flagship with the aim of better understanding the link between oceans and climate. The Initiative stresses the common interests of countries from both sides of the Atlantic to protect their marine ecosystems and to develop blue economy initiatives through research and innovation.   


Cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean

During the event, the parties will sign a Statement on Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Cooperation between the European Union, Brazil and South Africa. The signing of this Statement will cement plans for cooperation in the following areas:

  • climate and ecosystem approaches;
  • earth and ocean observation and forecasting systems;
  • food security, fisheries management and aquaculture; and
  • ocean technology.


Mutual Benefits

The participating countries have recognized the mutual benefits of closely linking research activities in the South Atlantic with those in the North Atlantic. By building an Atlantic community to tackle the grand challenges and opportunities of the Atlantic Ocean as a holistic system, the initiative will herald a New Era of Blue Enlightenment.  

The event’s program, centered on the theme Building an Atlantic Community, will conduct sessions on marine research, ocean exploration, data sharing, ocean literacy, technology, innovation and maintaining sustainable fisheries. Ocean Impact Alliance founder, Ief Winckelmans (Blue Ocean Summit ’16) will close the proceedings with a presentation on “How to Create an Ocean Friendly Economy.”

Registrations are being accepted online using the promotional code attendee.

For details, download the program here.

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By Laurie Wilson, Blue Ocean Network


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