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“Nekton deploys the latest subsea technologies to explore the deep ocean and accelerate its sustainable goverance.” Find out more in Nekton News: Exploring the Deep Ocean.

Latest Updates

Learn the results of Nekton’s recent XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey and what they have planned for future missions in 2018 to the Indian Ocean.

Nekton Mission II

“Our exploratory Missions are at the core of all our work.” says Oliver Steeds, Founder

Nekton substem-educational bookletNekton announced their new Global Ocean Survey and Sampling Iterative Protocol at the Our Ocean Conference in Malta Oct. 5-6.

Learn the details on Submarine STEM their new educational program containing 360-degree Virtual Reality stories for young people worldwide.

Find out more about the Nekton Alliance a collaboration across marine science, ocean policy, media, business, education and civil society.

See everything at Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute.


“Leading an Alliance of global partners, we undertake multidisciplinary scientific research of the state of the deep ocean, the planet’s most critical, yet least explored, ecosystem. Our discoveries inform global decision makers and ignite public interest to catalyse change.” – Oliver Steeds, Founder, Chief Executive, Nekton

By Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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