So, a buddy says “I want to show you one of the most incredible diving experiences” and you say “sure let me grab my swim suit” and he says “you don’t need one” and he takes you to Times Square. You have got to be kidding? Of course you know lots of weird stuff goes on in Times Square but you are not going to be prepared for National Geographic’s new, immersive, interactive journey into the wonders of the sea, and yes, it’s in the heart of Times Square.



Like they say in the promo “you won’t need diving equipment, but you will need to remember to breath.” It’s National Geographic’s Encounter Ocean Odyssey featuring ground breaking technology that carries you along on an incredible underwater journey, where you’ll encounter humpback whales, giant Humbolt squid, playful sea lions and of course great white sharks. And you can forget the swimsuit, you won’t get wet. Ocean Odyssey will amaze adults and children alike and is a glimpse into what the future holds for aquarium experiences. Look out Sea World. (photo – Nat.Geo)


Visit the NatGeo website to get the details and plan your trip. It looks like fun!

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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