Worldwide Rangers’ Day celebrates the individuals that spend their lives protecting the most endangered and charismatic animals on earth. This is Part II of a story about the women and men working tirelessly behind-the-scenes at Misool Foundation to protect the world’s richest reefs. (Read Part I)

Fighting for the Future

Misool, Ranger DayContinued vigilance is crucial. The Patrol’s work has reduced illegal fishing incidents by 86 % between 2010 and 2013 and fish biomass has increased, on average, by 250% in 6 years.

In 2015, the introduction of a ferry from Sorong (mainland West Papua) to Misool increased the vectors for transporting both legal and illegal wildlife. Moreover, a richer marine ecosystem presents a more enticing draw for poachers. As the Ranger’s work continues to deliver results, the threats increase concurrently.

“We’ve fought hard to expel recalcitrant shark-finners and intruders,” says Marit Miners, Misool Foundation Co-Founder. “Without our 15-strong Ranger Patrol, the Misool Marine Reserve would be little more than a ‘paper park, which is something that we won’t allow to happen.”

What you can do – our Top 5 tips

  • Donate! – The Misool Ranger Patrol’s annual operational budget of $220,000 is privately funded. Your donation helps us continue our mission to protect the world’s richest reefs.
  • Support responsible ecotourism – Private enterprises are crucial to generating revenue which attributes financial value to the ecosystem. Spend your vacation with an operator doing real conservation work, which creates sustainable jobs for local people.
  • Travel with an open mind – Don’t judge a country by your own standards. Conservation problems are complex and layered. Try to understand the challenges and ask good questions before you arrive at conclusions.
  • Speak to people, find your tribe – The world ain’t saving itself! Strong voices make change and a collective voice is stronger. Join forces and make some noise for the ocean.
  • Spend time in nature – The restorative power of spending time in nature is well documented. Being close to the sea refreshes passion and brings inspiration. Bring your kids and shape the next generation of ocean guardians.

Who we are

Misool, Ranger DayMisool Foundation is a registered Indonesian charity and non-profit organisation. Its mission is to safeguard the future of the most biodiverse marine environments on earth by empowering local communities to reclaim their traditional tenureship of reefs.

Misool Foundation’s notable achievements:

  • 86% reduction in illegal fishing within NTZ
  • Increase of fish biomass of, on average, 250% in a six-year period
  • 25 x increase in shark numbers inside their NTZ compared to directly outside
  • Processing two tons of rubbish per day at Bank Sampah

About the Authors:

Marit Miners, Co-Founder of Misool and Misool Foundation, was born in Sweden and educated in the USA. In 2000, Marit left behind the ancient mummies that she studied to move to Asia and dive, dive, dive. And the ocean is grateful that she did. Marit, her husband Andrew, and their band of maverick conservationists have challenged the rules of marine conservation and proved that ordinary people can indeed change the world. 

Jo Marlow, Fundraising & Communications Manager of Misool Foundation, is a dive instructor, conservationist, and mermaid, entangled in a complex love affair with the ocean. Jo started working in conservation in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia and now works with her heroes at Misool. She strongly believes that change starts with one person, and that if you’re ruffling feathers and starting conversations, then you must be doing something right.

by Jo Marlow, Blue Ocean contributor, photo credits by Shawn Heinrichs


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