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I just saw the new video from the Misool Eco-Resort at Raja Ampat, and I have already started packing my bags. The video transports you into the heart of the coral triangle but also beautifully displays the results of the amazing marine conservation effort that Andy Miner and the local community has accomplished over the last decade.


The Coral Reefs are Thriving

The reefs around Misool are thriving, sharks have reappeared and in some areas the fish biomass has increased by 600%. The Misool Foundation operates a Ranger Patrol  that safeguards the surrounding waters of the reserve, and incorporates the efforts of the local community.


Andy Miner’s Inspiring Story

andy miner, misool eco-resort, marine conservation, sustainable diving, marine protected area, marine protected preserveAndy is the co-founder and Managing Director of Misool, and has seen it become a model of a resort specifically created to support a marine protected area. Andy was a Blue Ocean Summit 2014 Speaker and spoke on the subject of “Dive tourism as a Tool for Conservation” where he shared his ideas on how to inspire his diving guests with the conservation ethos that motivates everything at Misool. This is a lesson in sustainable business that is important for dive operations around the world. “People are much more aware of environmental issues. Not only are they aware, they want to have some kind of positive impact themselves …they are actively choosing resorts and dive businesses that have a positive relationship with the local community and are doing conservation, that’s a very powerful message, businesses have to be aware of.”

Breaking News: Cruise ship grounds on pristine coral reef in Raja Ampat National Marine Park causing severe damage, see full post here.



How To Create a Marine Protected Area

Andy also spoke on the process he began in 2005 to set up a Marine Protected Area and its No-Take Zone protecting 43,000 hectares of surrounding waters from over-fishing. In 2010 he expanded this by including the Daram Islands in an additional 38,000 hectare protected area. Andy also shared with us the necessity of gaining the trust of the local people in a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Watch and be inspired by the10th Anniversary Video celebrating the story of Misool Eco-Resort and check out his 2015 Blue Ocean Summit interview:


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