The Michele Westmorland Gallery

We are very pleased to present this gallery of superlative images created by Michele Westmorland. These images focus on two of Michele’s passions the underwater world and the traditional cultures of Melanesia,

“I believe in the power of imagery to motivate stewardship and protection of the fragile underwater world. It is equally important to connect with the indigenous peoples of the world – man is, in fact, a part of nature” says Michele.

What is most important to Michele beyond capturing a single, stunning image is telling the larger story behind the image. Storytelling is especially central to her most recent work, Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera, a film documentary set in Melanesia in the 1920’s that follows the explorations of two very brave women. Look for Headhunt Revisited to be released soon. See Michele’s entire article here.

Michele was interviewed during the Blue Ocean Summit in 2015. You can see a related Blue Ocean post here and her entire interview will be available to Blue Ocean Members shortly on our Membership site. You can also visit Michele at her website.