worldoceansday_marine conservation, save the ocean, ocean activist, sustainable choices, world oceans day(Blue Ocean Network – June 8, 2011)Today is World Oceans Day – A day in which we can celebrate our earth’s most beautiful blue resource,and ask ourselves how well we are taking care of it. This day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008 and since then global participation has grown every year.

Today more than ever we realize that our Ocean is in trouble, and we have a growing awareness of why we should care about the Ocean. The following article address many ocean issues like: how to Measure your Carbon Footprint; how you can help to reduce over-fishing or the consumption of plastics; and gives you ways in which you can help and resources that will help you along the way.

Read this entire article and join with us to Celebrate World Oceans Day. For more information, visit the World Oceans Day website at