This latest news from Greenpeace demonstrates what committed people, taking action can accomplish! 700,000 people worldwide joined to petition the world’s largest tuna seafood company to clean up their act. After two years of relentless campaigning, Thai Union caved and committed to changes that will reduce destructive fishing practices, adopt sustainable fishing and protect seafood workers.


One in Five Cans of Tuna Sold Globally

tuna products supermarketOne in five cans of tuna sold world-wide are Thai Union products including well-known brands like Chicken of the Sea, John West, Mareblu, Petit Navire and Sealect. This change has sent waves throughout the seafood industry, showing the way to better fishing practices.

In addition to a vigorous global, petition campaign Greenpeace and its allies pushed Thai Union and the companies that marketed its products to source more sustainably caught tuna.


Thai Union has committed to broad changes including:

  1. Reduce fish aggregating device (FAD) use by more than 50 percent and double the catch of FAD-free caught fish globally by 2020. FADs are floating objects that result in the bycatch of many marine species, including sea turtles, sharks and juvenile tuna.
  2. Shift significant portions of longline caught tuna to best practice pole and line or troll caught tuna by 2020 and implement strong requirements to help reduce bycatch. Longline vessels are known for catching non-target species like seabirds, turtles, and sharks.
  3. Extend its current moratorium on at-sea transshipment across its entire global supply chain unless strict conditions are met by suppliers. Transshipment at sea enables vessels to continue fishing for months or years at a time and facilitates illegal activity.
  4. Ensure independent observers are present on all longline vessels transshipping at sea to inspect and report on potential labour abuse, and ensure human or electronic observer coverage across all tuna longline vessels it sources from. Much of the abuse that plagues fishing vessels takes place out of sight without authorities to report to.
  5. Develop a comprehensive code of conduct for all vessels in its supply chains to help ensure workers at sea are being treated humanely and fairly, beginning in January 2018.


“Not the End, Not the Beginning But the End of the Beginning” – Winston Churchill

Greenpeace crew retrieves a FAD in indian ocean unsustainable fishing practices, overfishingThe commitment made by Thai Union is not the end of the story. For real transformation in the world’s fishing industry to occur, we need to continue to hold all seafood companies accountable. And to apply pressure on them to adopt sustainable practices and address all the issues that contribute to the crisis of over-fishing. (photo – Greenpeace crew retrieving a FAD in the Indian Ocean)



What You Can Do About Tuna Seafood!!

Greenpeace urges all of us to do the following:

Check that your favorite seafood brand or supermarket is sourcing more responsibly-caught tuna. Be aware of and avoid brands that are rated poorly in Greenpeace’s tuna rankings. You and your family can choose to eat less tuna, this will help tuna populations recover, and if in doubt, choose vegan “tuna”—check it out!

See the entire Greenpeace article by Sarah King here.

by Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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