Lombok and Gili Islands residents are suffering from a massive earthquake in Indonesia. Members of this network are doing their best to get them help now and need the power of our community to assist.

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Filmmaker Adrienne Gittus and her band of Bali neighbours and colleagues have overnight become Earthquake Disaster Relief volunteers since the 6.9 Earthquake hit Lombok and the Gili Islands. Lombok is the worst hit with tens of thousands of people without homes. Adrienne and her team need our help as they gather and move food and essentials to the many people impacted in Lombok and Gili Islands. (photo – Channel News Asia)

According to The Guardian the earthquake, centered on northern Lombok, left at least 321 people dead, 1,033 seriously injured and 270,000 people displaced from their homes. Indonesia’s disaster and rescue agencies expect the death toll to rise further.

Satellite imagery shows that in North Lombok 75% of settlements were destroyed. Although they escaped the worst of the disaster, the Gilis – three idyllic islands popular with divers – were plunged into emergency mode. Thousands of panicked tourists have left the islands, leaving the mostly western-run tourist businesses facing an uncertain future. Tourists are likely to stay clear of Lombok and the Gilis for now, with the islands experiencing more than 450 by Friday August 10.


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Members of this Blue Ocean community may remember Adrienne as an ADEX speaker – she’s a talented filmmaker who recently directed the 2016 documentary “A Fish Full of Dollars based in Lombok. Here is the link to their Go-Fund Me Campaign. Thank you for what you can do to assist. The need is now and it is great. (photo – News-com.au)


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