Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. —Anna Lappé


What’s good for the ocean is good for us. Vote for the kind of ocean you want with each sustainable choice you make. Buying Ocean-friendly products or choosing sustainable seafood, all help. We will give you tips on zero-waste, explain the 4 R’s practices, describe how to maintain a low carbon footprint, and many other forms of ocean mindfulness will be featured here.


Summit 2015: Global Perspectives

Summit 2015: Global Perspectives

The unprecedented environmental ocean issues impacting our Blue Planet today: Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Species Extinction and Pollution are issues that are numbing in their complexity and size, and can only be addressed with a Global Response. Blue Ocean...

The Story of Unlikely Leaders  – Stiv Wilson

The Story of Unlikely Leaders – Stiv Wilson

“We went out and we took a look and we discovered these really high concentrations of plastic microbeads. We traced them back to personal care products. They’re used as exfoliates in face washes and body washes. The problem is the plastic in them is so small that they...

Changing the Consumer Dialogue in Asia  – Sharon Kwok

Changing the Consumer Dialogue in Asia – Sharon Kwok

“It is a form of evangelism, but it’s conservation. It’s helping everyone realize that every single person can make a difference in their daily lives through their choices, be it how they eat, the kind of energy they use and even what they use and how they dispose of...

Summit 2015:  Ocean Issues – Consumption, Sea Level Rise, Plastic, Climate Change

Dive Destinations Underwater – John Englander

“We need to be good stewards of the earth…and look at the world in majesty and miracle. We need to recognize we’re part of this ecosystem…we’re not in control of it.” ~ John Englander “we're past the point of stopping [sea level rise].” For many years, climate change...

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