Small Steps to Fight Plastic Pollution

We have been talking about plastic pollution and its effects on the marine environment and we have shown how we can all take small steps toward eliminating this problem. This article is an example of a small step that teaches a big lesson.


glitter, microplastic pollution

Cheryl Hadland of Tops Day Nursery in the UK, loves how glitter brightens up the kid’s artwork. but she thinks it has to go, for the sake of the environment. Glitter is a microplastic, just like microbeads, those small plastic balls found in scrubs and beauty aids that have now been banned because they are harmful to marine life.

There are 22,000 nurseries in the UK and glitter is undoubtly popular in most of them, that starts to add up.

“While glitter is only a small part of the microplastic load getting into watercourses and the sea, steps like these will all add up to something greater.”  Sue Kinsey of the Marine Conservation Society, reported to the guardian:


Important Lesson Opportunity

Alice Horton, a spokesperson for the UK’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology said: “On a small scale, one nursery banning it, is unlikely to have any environmental impact, but it’s a good environmental statement to make, like one person choosing not to buy bottled water to reduce plastic bottle waste. It’s not going to change the world but sets a target for others.”

Maybe teaching is the biggest step we can take, especially when we are in an environment with young children with receptive minds open to today’s very important, environmental lessons. See our article: Empowering Youth Can Save Our Oceans: Take the OneLessStraw Pledge!

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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