We should all be aware by now of the serious threat that plastics pose for the world’s oceans. Blue Ocean has published numerous articles describing the problem and others that suggest solutions like recycling.

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But these traditional solutions have shortcomings. For example, less than 50% of plastic bottles are recycled and plastic cutlery, produce bags, plastic straws and wrap are hardly ever recycled. And these single use items are manufactured in the billions. (photo – Dennis Murphy)


We Need Alternatives to Plastic

My firm belief is that the only real solution lies in eliminating these unrecyclable plastic products and replacing them with sustainable, biodegradable or compostable alternatives.

Following a number of national campaigns to eliminate the use of plastic straws we are seeing progress. Some establishments have simply stopped offering plastic straws, others are now offering paper, biodegradable straws in the place of plastic.

This might seem like small progress, however given that we produce 500,000,000 straws every day standardmedia.co.ke, plastic pollution, ban, demonstration, action, prevention, oceanthat adds up to a lot of unrecyclable plastic that goes into landfills or the ocean.

We have also seen progress made with cutting the demand for single use plastic produce bags. Like Seattle, numerous cities in the US have banned their use joining with countries from France to Kenya that also ban the use of plastic produce bags. (photo – standardmedia.co.ke)


Life Beyond Plastics: Turning the Tide on Plastic Ocean Pollution

Plastic pollution is such an important issue that Blue Ocean Network is going to devote an entire series of articles “Life Beyond Plastics” to keep you informed on government initiatives, scientific breakthroughs and new, alternative products as they become available. Stay tuned for much, much more on how we can turn the tide on Plastic Ocean Pollution.


Consider Bee Kind Wraps instead of Saran Wrap and Zip Lock Bags

Bee Kind wraps life after plasticsThis seems to be a hot area for entrepreneurial breakthroughs and leading the pack is an alternative to the pesky plastic Saran Wrap and zip-lock bags that we use everyday. It’s all natural, reusable and finally when ready to dispose of, it’s compostable. Appropriately it’s called Bee Kind Wraps  because it’s kind to the environment and it’s made of pure, filtered beeswax, 100% cotton, pine tree resin and organic jojoba oil.

Bee Kind Wraps is the brainchild of Evan Guiton, who spent the last several years as a dive master in Australia and Tonga, where she witnessed firsthand the toll that ocean plastics were taking on marine life. “It was all heartbreaking to me that we were destroying these animals with our careless plastic addiction. In Tonga, I spent time with the humpbacks and gained such an appreciation for their species. Whales are washing up dead all over the world with stomachs filled with plastic. It was all just too much!” See our Blue Ocean article: Thousands of Miles Away Is Not Far Enough To Escape Plastic Pollution

So when Evan returned to North America she decided to do something about plastics. Her Bee Kind wraps are selling like hot cakes, oops they can’t be used with hot cakes but you know what I mean, they are flying off the shelves. Help Evan and support her business, try out Bee Kind Wraps and spread the word.


We All Need To Do Our Part

We all need to do what we can to solve the plastic pollution problem, it might not be as ambitious as starting your own company, but we can all make better and more sustainable choices in the everyday products that we purchase, use and throw away. Start today.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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