We have recently been posting news on the harm that the world’s clothing manufacturers, especially in Asia and India have been causing to the world’s environment. We have also been reporting on the creative solutions that concerned fashion designers have been producing.  Today we bring to you the Vegan Fashion of the Belfo Ladies.


Inspired by Garbage!

karen belfor ladies sustainable recycled fashion design vegan fashion ethicalKaren Belfo was inspired by garbage, or to be exact the environmental hazards posed by garbage. During a beach clean-up with friends she was inspired to do something to stem the tide of plastic pollution, especially that which originates with clothing. While Karen still helps on beach clean-ups, she felt that she could do more to stop the pollution before it pollutes.

In March of 2017, Karen and Maria, her seamstress grandmother, launched their own fashion empire in Montreal, Canada. Although, it remains a fairly small empire, mostly doing custom pieces for Canadian clients, the Belfo ladies have plans to expand. Three of their pieces are scheduled to showcase at an upcoming Ethical Fashion Show in Europe during 2018.

See our Blue Ocean article: Life Beyond Plastics: How Fashion is Killing Our Rivers to learn how fashion designer Stella McCartney and philanthropist Ellen McArthur have combined forces to bring more sustainable business practices to the fashion industry.


What exactly is Vegan Fashion?

karen belfor ladies sustainable recycled fashion design ethical vegan fashionKaren explains, “Vegan means, I do not use fur or leather, no animal skin whatsoever. I choose mostly 100% cotton and a variety of recycled materials.” As much as 50-75% of the final product can be from recycled sources.

“It’s important to do one’s part,” says Karen “to make a difference for the environment and animals, which means if we wish for a better future for this planet, including a better future for the oceans, then it is necessary to make wiser choices today.”

The Belfo Ladies stress that their pieces are not mass produced, but individually created for the client. The process starts with an evaluation during which the design is selected, measurements are taken, and client preferences can be noted that will personalize the piece. Please remember it takes time to create a custom Belfo piece, up to a good 3 weeks per piece, so please be patient.

For now, the ladies only sell locally, (within Canada) but plan to expand into Europe as well.

You can keep yourself informed on the upcoming Vegan Fashion shows and other Belfo design adventures by visiting their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kbelfo/  & Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/karenbelfo/.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean.net


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