Recently we reported on the latest Japanese Whale Hunt that killed 333 Minke whales of which 122 were pregnant females. They call it a “biological field study” swearing that it is scientifically imperative to kill whales to better understand Antarctica. They politely call it “collecting and analyzing animals” before the whale meat appears on the supermarket meat counter.

minke whale hunt by Japanese


Japan Wants a Return to Commercial Whaling

Facing off condemnation from the UN and countries around the globe, the Japanese government is now discarding any scientific pretense and is preparing to petition the International Whaling Commission to end the moratorium on hunting whales that has been in place since 1986. A return to commercial whaling will legitimize and expand the slaughter that the Japanese have been conducting for decades.

Time is of the essence, in less than a month, the Japanese will present their request to the International Whaling Commission, the IWC at a meeting to be held from September 10-14. The Australian Government and other anti-whaling entities will be present to speak out against the Japanese plan, but the Australians need our support. Please act now. Unfortunately the petition is now closed, however you can still help by considering a donation to the AMCS


australian marine conservation society logoJoin with AMCS to continue the Whaling Moratorium

Join with the Australian Marine Conservation Society AMCS to help them in their battle against Japanese whale hunting. Find out more about the AMCS and all of the issues that they are fighting for; from protecting whales, to taking on huge coal mines that threaten the Great Barrier Reef. Visit their website here.


Visit these websites to see additional petitions:

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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