Blue Mind online Book Club 2017, ocean awareness, ocean conservation, ocean issues Wallace J. NicholsThe Blue Mind online book club begins this Monday, January 16th thru March 25th providing you with the opportunity to join with your community of water loving friends from around the world. The book club is sponsored by Radio Hatteras, Buxton Village Books and Blue Mind Life and excerpts will be broadcast on Radio Hatteras featuring weekly “live” interviews and taking reader’s questions with the author Wallace J. Nichols. via Facebook.


Here’s one way to do it, your approach may vary:

~ Read or listen to one chapter each week according to the schedule.
~ Check out the readers’ guide for each chapter before and after reading.
~ Meet in your local reading group or class (if you have one) to discuss the chapter at hand and review readers’ guide questions.
~ Post and share questions, insights, images and quotes online using the the #bluemind hashtag.
~ Listen to the weekly Facebook Live chat and submit questions and comments.
~ Create your own Facebook Live chat each week.
~ At the end of ten weeks share your insights with those who can use them.

Everyone can use the #bluemind hashtag to follow the Blue Mind Online Book club conversation across social media platforms.

Book reading + audiobook listening schedule:

Week of Jan 16th: Foreword and Preface
Week of Jan 23rd: Chapter 1
Week of Jan 30th: Chapter 2
Week of Feb 6th: Chapter 3
Week of Feb 13th: Chapter 4
Week of Feb 20th: Chapter 5
Week of Feb 27th: Chapter 6
Week of March 6th: Chapter 7
Week of March 13th: Chapter 8
Week of March 20th: Chapter 9

We’ll gather on March 25th for the Event Finale & Fundraiser at Cape Hatteras to benefit Radio Hatteras and Blue Mind Life. Please feel free to organize your own local event.

Register for free on Eventbrite to stay more informed: