We at Blue Ocean have been fortunate indeed to have been friends with Amos Nachoum for many years. We recently hosted a Gallery of Amos’ spectacular photography as well as interviewing him during the 2016 Blue Ocean Summit. Amos is the owner of Big Animals Expeditions and he now has an opening available as a marketing director and social network expert. Sounds like a really exciting place to work; here are the details!


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• Marketing Director and Social Networking Expert: 

Big Animals Expeditions is a respected and well-known nature photography and travel company that conducts world wide adventure safaris both on land and sea. We are seeking a highly qualified expert in web design, social networking and marketing. Their role will be to facilitate growth in local and international markets by establishing a strong social network and media presence, while also developing a vibrant website to interface with our clients from all corners of the globe. 
Individuals who are highly motivated, independent, self starter and have a shared commitment to the vision of the company for conservation and growth are preferred. The candidate is expected to have at least 3 years of experience, with appropriate qualifications in adventure travel, social networking, blogging, graphic design, web programming languages, etc. This opportunity has the potential for partnership following a 1-year initial appointment. Three references are required.
Please send CV, letter of application and reference list to: info@biganimals.com

Let Blue Ocean Network know if you have a job opening that you would like for us to post.

By Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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