nogi awards 57th 2017 DEMAJill Heinerth will receive a NOGI in the Sports and Education Category from the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences to be awarded at the 57th Nogi Awards Gala held in conjunction with the DEMA show (Dive Equipment and Marketing Association) in Orlando, Florida on November 2, 2017.


Explorer Under Water

jill_heinerth, cave diver, women divers, marine explorer, we are water, ocean author, ocean filmmakerJill has often been described as the world’s foremost female, underwater explorer and educator. She shared a sampling of her most exciting underwater experiences with us during the second Blue Ocean Summit. See diving “the veins of Mother Earth” in which Jill takes us along on her dive beneath icebergs in the Antarctic and as a consultant for James Cameron on his films.


Educator Above Water

We are Water Project is Jill’s educational initiative to connect people to our fragile fresh water system and learn how to protect it.

Jill’s recent children’s book, Chester The Manatee (now available in nine languages) helps kids and adults learn about the need to keep our water clean.

In addition, Jill has written 4 technical books on subjects like cave diving, rebreathers, underwater photography and videography and she has co-authored two books on side mount diving and women underwater.


Blue Ocean Summit Interviews on New Membership Site

Within the next several months, upon the launch of the Blue Ocean Membership site you will be able to access Jill’s entire Blue Ocean Summit interview with Laurie Wilson. In addition, all of the 68 interviews from the previous Blue Ocean Summits will be available. Stay tuned for details on the launch of the Blue Ocean Membership site.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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