tim_horton_garbage_bin, plastic pollution, sustainable choices, sustainable products, ocean actionThe next time you are sipping your morning coffee from your local cafe, think about what happens to the plastic cup that coffee comes in, the one with the handy, plastic flip top, that keeps it nice and warm for your next sip. Well the Environmental Paper Network has been doing some of the thinking for you. It is a group of 140 environment and social NGOs from 28 countries and they just launched their ‘cupifesto’ on Thursday calling for your cup to be banned. After the success of a plastic bag charge they now want to take away your coffee cup or at least place a similar charge on coffee cup use.

And that makes a lot of sense because globally there are billions of disposable coffee cups thrown away each year and they should be replaced with reusable ones. That could eliminate an enormous drain on our forest resources and a huge waste disposal problem.

Earlier this year it was revealed that only 1 in 400 coffee cups are recycled because they are made of a difficult-to-recycle mix of paper and plastic. That prompted calls for a change in the make-up of takeaway cups an issue that is being studied by the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group.

To read more about this recent report and possible solutions to the paper cup pollution issue see: