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In this edition of Blue Ocean Update

  • Take Action on two big issues – #MissionGoliath and #SaveTheWhales
  • People In The  Network
  • Featured In The Media
  • Featured Ocean Events
  • In the News Feed


Your ACTION #1 – #MissionGoliath

Mission Blue is taking on a problem of goliath proportions. Once again, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is considering allowing the harvest of Goliath Groupers. To the diving industry, the Goliath Grouper is worth more alive than dead. You can help protect this gentle giant. Learn more here.


Your ACTION #2 – #SaveTheWhales

Once again,  the U.S. administration is ready to open up seismic surveying of the ocean floor, allowing oil companies to map oil and gas deposits for drilling. This has been an ongoing battle led by Oceana and others. Scientists warn of the deadly practice, communities, businesses are rallying against it. You can help here.



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Song of Silence – Photographer / visual philosopher Rico Besserdich is creating a blue ode to our life support system. This fine art photography book  reminds us that the intrinsic beauty of water has an alchemical effect that unifies the planet, on many levels. Personal quotes contributed by many influential personalities  – from His Holiness the Dalai Lama (we saw the letter!) to political activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta.- will show us how the love of water connects us all.  Full disclosure: You can support this message.


Plastic-Free July Challenge  Stiv WIlson (a Blue Ocean Change-maker from Summit ’15) and a member of the Story of Stuff team invite us to join the Plastic Free July Challenge and make a commitment to refuse plastic for one day, one week, or the rest of the month. The point is to refuse single use plastic whenever you can and draw attention to this global issue within your own network. Read more here.


International Save the Vaquita Day  Sharon Kwok (a Blue Ocean Change-maker from Summit ’15) is on the ground with Conservation International in Hong Kong ramping up for International Save the Vaquita Day on July 8.  This first-ever global event, brings attention to the Chinese craze for the rare Totoaba fish bladder – a status symbol and a supposed life saving medicine. At $30K a bladder, the demand to invest in this rare “aquatic cocaine” is fueling poaching, trafficking and a wildlife crisis.  The Totoaba and (through collateral damage in fish nets) the even rarer Vaquita porpoise are being pushed to the brink of extinction

The Force is with us to Save our Blue Planet.  If you were with your Blue Ocean Network peeps recently in NYC to get a sneak peak at the upcoming film Mercy Love and Grace, the Story of Force Blue,  you’ll know how powerful a team Jim Ritterhoff, Keith Sahm and Rudi Reyes have brought together to save this blue planet. For just $10, you can help activate the compelling call-to-action these special combat vets can deploy in audiences we’ve been unable to tap into – until now. You can support this mission.


Featured IN THE MEDIA what Our Ocean Change-Makers are up to

Great Big Story – Summit Alum and self-titled  ‘coral farmer’ Ken Nedimyer recently appeared in  “Healing the Ocean with a Garden of Coral“.

Huffington Post – HuffPo recently interviewed Her Deepness Sylvia Earle (Summit ’15) on her Quest to Protect the Ocean World.

BBC Future Now Fabien Cousteau (an upcoming Summit speaker) recently spoke to BBC about his Ocean Learning Center, Mission 31 and How to Save the Ocean.

Los Angeles Times Time is running out to stop drilling in California’s protected areas. This piece by Blue Vision Summit‘s David Helvarg was just published in the L.A. Times. California’s four national marine sanctuaries and six national monuments are at serious risk. Read then take action to protect U.S. Monuments (til July 10!) and National Marine Sanctuaries (til July 26).

Mission Blue – Our partners at Mission Blue did this wonderful piece on our network friends at Force Blue;  Check out the Mercy, Love & Grace trailer.



Chasing Coral Premiere   Don’t miss the Netflix Premiere of Chasing Coral on July 14: It was just announced that Jeff Orlowski‘s second award-winning film is also predicted to be an Oscar contender! Watch this where you are – with a Netflix account.

Oceanic x Ibiza   Visit our media partner Oceanic Global for their inaugural World Ocean Festival in NYC,

Oceanic Global will combine art, music and conservation into possibly the largest party ever for the young ocean-loving dance crowd on the island of Ibiza July 20.

Green Surf FestivalAlan Laubsh (ADEX Singapore ’17) is presenting at this SUP & Surf event July 14 – 16. Alan helps sustainable surf -minded companies, like Green Surf Festival sponsor Starboard, become climate Net Positive by investing in natural capital – Investing in one mangrove per surfboard makes Starboard climate Net Positive.

A New Era of Blue Enlightenment. Ocean Change-maker, Summit 2016’s Ief Winckelmans of Ocean Impact Alliance will talk about how to fund sustainable projects at this high-level policy and scientific event in Lisbon, Portugal, July 12-14, 2017.

M/Y Sharkwater to launch in FloridaAlex Antoniou and his team at Fins Attached are readying for the maiden voyage of M/Y Sharkwater, and will christen this newly purchased research vessel in Fort Lauderdale on July 27. The vessel that is named to honor the late filmmaker Rob Stewart’s award-winning film Sharkwater.  Fins Attached is partnering with the Sharkwater Team to finish the filming of the sequel, Sharkwater Extinction.

San Diego Film Festival Patty Elkus has announced to our Open Ocean Filmmakers FaceBook Group that her group at the San Diego International Film Festival (Oct 4-8) has added an environmental track – for those of you with a film in the can, it’s time to submit your film!




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Here are the news highlights in the feed this week:

  • There’s a battle between climate change and climate policy that has surfaced like never before.
  • And there is great hope from developing countries and developing companies to help us shift to a sustainable future.

Marine reserves are helping ecosystems cope with climate change, study
Rising tensions and temperatures in the South China Sea
France to ban sale of cars powered by gasoline and diesel
India has shut down 37 of the world’s biggest coal mines

G20 Stage Set for Climate Change Battle
UK withdrawal from EU marine fisheries agreement threatens marine environment.
U.S. administration scrutinizing protected ocean areas
Scientists demand action on Canada‘s marine protected areas.

HOPE – Marine Protected Areas
New marine protected area designated in Costa Rica
Astola Island declared Pakistan‘s first ever marine protected area.
Gabon creates 20 marine sanctuaries
Myanmar designates first marine areas protected by local fishing communities
South Africa‘s Garden Route earns biosphere reserve designation

HOPE – Technology &  Innovation
Volvo is the first mainstream automaker to say “Goodbye gas, hello electric.
Volkswagon brings back beloved microbus as an electric vehicle
Tesla to build world’s biggest lithium ion battery to secure power for South Australia
Using motion of the ocean to bring fresh water to coastal communities
Lush teams up with Ocean Legacy Foundation to turn trash into packaging

By Laurie Wilson, Blue Ocean Network


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