Earthx 2019 inland ocean action summit blue frontiers

Join Blue Frontier & Inland Ocean Coalition

The IOAS, organized by Blue Frontier and the Inland Ocean Coalition with support from Charlotte Vick of EarthX will be held April 27-28 at EarthX in Dallas, Texas.

The event draws ocean activists from inland areas of the United States to help raise the profile of marine conservation through organizational growth and development so that the ocean cause is no longer seen as simply a coastal cause by policymakers and others, but as a topic of national and global scope and significance.

Plastic, oil, polluted water, food insecurity, climate change.  Cascading disasters but we know what the solutions are.  What is needed is the political will to enact them and assure clean water, healthy seas and thriving communities both human and wild.

The first day includes speakers, panels, and workshops followed by an evening event and opportunity for networking. The second day will be divided between a professional ‘Blue Beat’ media training and a national chapters meeting of the Inland Ocean Coalition.

Join U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Explorer Fabien Cousteau, TV host Danni Washington, Coastal Paddler Margo Pellegrino and many other ocean and inland advocates and groups at the first ever Inland Ocean Action Summit.

Tickets are $100pp, $50/student. Some regular and student scholarships are still available that can save you $50 to $100 in registration costs. Apply for the scholarship here. More information at the Inland Ocean Action Summit.