A Business Shift Fueled by Systemic Change

ADEX Singapore 2017, UW360 Business Forum, ocean conservationThere’s been a shift happening in the marine tourism and scuba diving industry – it started as an idea, with a handful of operators sprinkled across the globe. These pioneers stepped out of the traditional business mold to create successful eco-experiences with staying power; like Heron Island (Australia), Chumbe Island (Tanzania), Wakatobi (Indonesia), and Small Hope Bay Lodge (Bahamas). Over the past 30 years, this shift has quietly picked up devotees and is now approaching a tipping point that some say, can only be ignored at one’s peril.

Like our blue planet, our own business resilience is at risk.


Millennials cross the Coral Triangle

For those who listen to the siren call of change – climate change, environmental change, social change, business change – the full-on adoption of sustainable practices by the mainstream ocean recreation industry is a no-brainer.  This shift is being fueled in part by young upwardly mobile Asian Divers, and the short-haul trip to the biodiversity epicenter for the world – the Coral Triangle.

ADEX Singapore 2017, UW360 Business ForumServing this region and its millennial cohort of eco-friendly ocean lovers, ADEX Singapore 2017 (with its UW360 publications) is embracing this shift with a bold step to name Climate Change the theme of  the ADEX 2017 International Dive Show.  At first blush, it’s a courageous move, when many leading companies still seem to be operating from a traditional viewpoint. But ‘seem’ is the operative word. At ADEX Singapore’s UW360 Business Forum, to be held during the show April 7-9, 2017,  leaders from all industry stakeholder groups will gather to discuss how the dive industry, can ride and thrive, rather than be rocked by change.


Working Smarter for Sustainable Profits

Says Business Forum facilitator Laurie Wilson, co-founder of Blue Ocean Network, “This is not about adding another item to the ever-lengthening to-do list. It’s about working smarter, positioning your business for sustainable profits, while supporting the very foundation of your business – your silent business partner, the ocean.”


UW360 Business Forum Offers Business Tools, Insider Connections and Inspiration

Day 1 – The morning of the kick-off day of ADEX Singapore 2017 on Friday, April 5, exhibitors, dive stores, travel leADEX Singapore 2017, UW360 Business Forumaders, manufacturers and certification agency representatives will gather to learn how to bake sustainability into their business model.  All done in a lively Think Tank atmosphere designed for those who are serious about their business. In the afternoon, sustainable business tools and resources are made available in a variety of presentations.


Day 2 – Saturday morning on the main stage –  8 industry panelists, including SSI and PADI, will serve as catalysts and contributors to a lively audience-focussed discussion on how the dive industry can take a top tier role in leading positive ocean change, using business as its raison d’etre.

According to industry panel MC, Jerker Freelander of UNEP, “Unsustainable business practices are costly. The leakages go straight to the bottom line – and steal from it. Why wouldn’t you want to engage in sustainability? Customers want eco-friendly experiences. The business can only stay in business if it can continue to provide a healthy environment. It just makes good business sense to get on board. What seems to be stopping businesses is not knowing how to start. That’s why we are participating in the UW360 Business Forum.”

Over the two days of the UW360 Business Forum, learning is through generous sharing and one-on-one connections with those who have already started down the sustainability pathway and are using conservation as a key component of their business models. Our forum’s goal is providing tools, including conversations and inspiration from so-called “competitors.”

ADEX Singapore 2017, UW360 Business Forum, Green Fins, ocean conservation


Who knew your competition could be so nice?

Those who are diving deeper into sustainable practices are very enthusiastic about the results and are happy to share  – how they’ve increased repeat business, gained support from their local community, lowered their marketing costs, and added real bottom line profits, all while having fun.

“Fun is a big part of this”, says Dave McCan of award-winning Scuba Junkies in Malaysia. “It feels good to make money doing good. Customers really appreciate us. Our staff have an important mission, and are very engaged in what they do. Being positive is infectious. The tools we have received from Green Fins  have helped us pave the way.”


In keeping with the new blue business model, UW360 is a collaborative effort.

ADEX Singapore 2017, , ocean conservation UW360 Business ForumBlueOcean.net is proud to be a partner in the upcoming Scuba360 Business Forum at ADEX Singapore 2017 (Apr.7-9) at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore. In its 4th year, Blue Ocean Network has welcomed change-makers from around the globe into its community and at its Blue Ocean Summit, attracting a growing tribe of ocean lovers who are jumping on board to take on leadership roles in ocean change. For more more information, contact Laurie@blueocean.net.

Green Fins, an initiative of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) will be on hand to share tools and perspectives across multiple destinations already working the sustainable business model. To learn about Green Fins, visit GreenFins.net.

ADEX is the longest running Dive Show in Asia; it’s Scuba360 Business Forum offers a series of panel discussions and presentations involving the industry leaders and key players in the scubaverse. To register, visit Adex.Asia.