Industry Leaders Sponsor First-Ever #BlueGreen Seminar Series to Help Dive Operators Thrive in Profound Change

A series of first-ever seminars will be presented at DEMA Show 2018 to help dive businesses embrace the fundamental changes impacting the industry right now. Leaders across all segments of the diving industry, from the dive operations to manufacturers, to resorts to online booking agents, will benefit from this #BlueGreen seminar series.

Sponsored by Fourth Element, Stream2Sea, Lembeh Resort, and Critters@Lembeh, the seminars will explain the key consumer and business trends dive pros need to know about to thrive, and learn how an ocean-conscious approach will address these major changes, and unlock a myriad of untapped scalable opportunities.  Attendees will learn how to make simple operational shifts using a proven and measurable approach called Green Fins. DEMA-Show attendees can Reserve your spot here.


#BlueGreen Green Fins DEMA 2018


First-Ever Introduction to Green Fins at #DEMAShow 2018

In the seminars, presented by Blue Ocean Network and The Reef-World Foundation, Attendees will learn how to make simple operational shifts using a proven and measurable approach called Green FinsThis is the first time that attendees will catch a glimpse of the Green Fins approach at the DEMA Show.

With a 15-year proven track record, Green Fins is a free system already adopted by 600+ dive operators. Green Fins is a UN Environment initiative managed by The Reef-World Foundation, an NGO tasked with implementing the Green Fins approach at dive operations worldwide.

Programmes Manager at The Reef-World Foundation, Chloe Harvey says, “The Dive Operators we work with are testimony to what Green Fins and an ocean-conscious business model can do. These businesses are engaging better staff, reducing costs, protecting dive sites and invigorating existing markets. And that’s just the beginning.”


Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Green Fins Dive Operators

Chloe Harvey will give attendees behind the scenes insights into her ten years working with dive operations. Attendees will dive into the inner workings of Green Fins and be introduced to several dive operators (some of whom are DEMA Exhibitors) who are already embracing Green Fins’ proven methods. 


Learn What the Competition is Doing

Attendees will learn what stages their competitors have achieved along the pathway and get real life examples of what these operators are doing to unlock the business potential inherent in the Green Fins approach.


Green Fins The Reef-World Foundation Philippines

Understanding the Value of an Ocean-Conscious Business and the Consumers Who Crave It

Blue Ocean Network’s co-Founder Laurie Wilson will discuss the ocean conscious ‘blue’ business model that is a natural outcome of the Green Fins approach. Attendees will learn about the consumer trends driving the change, and how operators are attracting the fastest growing consumer market ready to buy diving experiences and so much more.

“The ocean is our most valuable business partner. Up until recently, it’s been treated like a backdrop. When we treat it like a business asset, and value it in daily operations, businesses begin to thrive,” explains Laurie Wilson.

Free Resources and Support as Take-Aways

Attendees will walk away feeling supported; They’ll receive a free Green Fins Toolkit to get started, access to a professional network of operators already on the pathway, and learn more about industry initiatives like #Mission2020 that are inspiring more industry stakeholders to hop on the sustainable ocean pathway.

Event Details: 3 Seminar Times to Choose From

* On Thursday Nov 15, Fourth Element will host the introductory seminar at 4pm in Room N237.
* On Friday Nov 16 at 10am, Stream2Sea will host a second introductory seminar in Room N233.
* Attendees are encouraged to stay in Room N233 for the following hour (11am- 12noon) when Lembeh Resort and Critters at Lembeh will host a deeper dive into live examples and details of the Green Fins approach brought to you by operators involved.

green fins BlueGreen Seminars


Sign up in Advance to get the Free Toolkit

Attendees can register in advance at the Eventbrite page to be eligible for a FREE toolkit from Green Fins. Can’t make it? Sign-up anyway to get the same support tools for the system adopted by 600+ operators worldwide. Reserve your spot here.

WHO should attend?
Business owners, managers and instructors who understand the ocean is a business partner. Leaders across all segments of the diving industry; from the dive operation to manufacturers, to resorts to online booking agents.

is it called?
“How to Unlock the Potential of the Ocean Conscious Business Model.” Pick a time to come and join the conversation.

 is it?
Thurs Nov 15 at 4pm – Room N237 (Fourth Element); Friday Nov 16 at 10am – Room N233 (Stream2Sea); Stay for a deeper dive! Friday Nov 16 at 11am Room N233 (Lembeh Resort/Critters at Lembeh) attendees will go deeper into the specifics of the Green Fins approach with live case studies.

to get involved?
Sign up in advance at our Eventbrite page to register your spot. When you sign up you will be eligible to get a FREE toolkit from Green Fins. Not sure if you can make it? Sign-up anyway and you still get the FREE support tools for the system adopted by 600+ operators worldwide.

Can’t make it? Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #BlueGreen #DEMAShow #SustainableDiving #HealthyOceanHealthyBusiness so you can find us at DEMA.


BlueGreen Seminars DEMA Show 2018


Ocean-Conscious Sponsors #HealthyOceanHealthyBusiness

This seminar series is made possible by the sponsorship of four companies who are already on the sustainable diving pathway and represent different stakeholder groups in the dive and travel industry:

  • Stream2Sea offers reef-friendly sunscreen and personal care products, tested and proven safe for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral larvae. #Stream2Sea #DontOxybenzone;
  • Fourth Element is innovating dive manufacturing by producing dive gear using ghost fishing nets, biodegradable packaging made from vegetables are leading the latest environmental movement within the industry – #Mission2020;
  • Lembeh Resort, and Critters@Lembeh in beautiful North Sulawesi, Indonesia embed ocean-conscious management into their business with their social and environmental initiatives.
    #LembehResort #SaveaCritterDontLitter


About the #DEMAShow

DEMA, the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of the recreational scuba diving and snorkeling industry. With more than 1,300 members, this non-profit, global organization promotes scuba diving through consumer awareness programs and media campaigns, and an annual trade-only event for businesses in the scuba diving, action watersports and adventure/dive-travel industries. DEMA is a trade-only show and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Nov 14-17, 2018. Register to attend DEMA Show.



Contact Blue Ocean Network’s Community Outreach and Seminar Coordinator Caitlin Flannery: Caitlin.Flannery@BlueOcean.Net  Go #BlueGreen at #DEMAShow 2018!


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