octonauts-undersea_heroes, marine conservation, ocean activist, save the ocean(Blue Ocean Network.com – Saturday May 31, 2014) — My kids and I share a deep love for the ocean. Each night we bond in front of the TV watching the latest adventures of the Octonauts – these undersea heroes that live in an octopod and zoom around the ocean in various fish-like submarines.

The Octonauts’ mission? To save unique ocean environments and sea creatures like whale sharks, dolphins and orcas from terrible threats. This Star Trek-like show helps to teach kids and adults alike about the amazing ocean, reveals its many astounding marine residents and empowers viewers to take action to protect this blue world.

As dive business owners, we all share something in common. We are all connected to the ocean. The marine environment is the most valuable business asset we have. It’s our partner in providing our customers with beautiful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

We join its siren call to market our services. We sell the dream of turquoise blue waters. We entice divers with charismatic mega-fauna encounters. We tempt travelers with once-in-a-lifetime trips to some of the best diving in the known universe.

The question is: Are we making the most of our knowledge, experience and expertise below the waterline to connect to our clients and customers in a big way?

We are on the leading edge of Ocean Protection. We are on and under the water. We see what’s happening. The ocean is fundamental to our businesses. The ocean is essential to the long-term viability of our planet. When its creatures are in trouble, so are we. By the very nature of what we do, we can be powerful voices for ocean protection, while taking a stand for the longterm viability of life and livelihoods.

What YOU can do. You probably already use marine conservation as a business message. Now is the time to amp it up! You can share petitions with your peeps; give them insight into the issues on your blog; create hope by letting your clients in on the ocean wins that are already floating around FaceBook; get your guests involved in your own Earth Day and World Oceans Day events. You can guide your customers to make the connection between how they spend their money and the diving they love to do. And make them proud to be part of the solution.

You’ll be their hero, they’ll be heroes… Win-Win.

The fact is, your customers don’t want to look stupid. Your clients WANT to be in-the-know. They WANT to do the right thing. Ask Yourself: What’s the value of providing customer support in when they’re in the ’embarrassment’ department? Priceless.

Your current job is to be informed and share your knowledge in an uplifting, supportive, fun and non-preachy way so your customers will know what to do. Just add ocean protection into your business in a bigger way. Your customers will listen to you. They will follow what you say. (At least you’ll get them thinking). After all, you are an Octonaut!

Imagine how good it will feel to talk with your followers on a regular basis about MORE than selling, selling, selling upcoming courses, the latest deals and future trips. Imagine how opening up about ocean issues and marine conservation will quickly change your business by connecting to your customers in a deeper and more meaningful way? Imagine how quickly the oceans would change for the better? It’s all possible. It’s up to us.

Learn how to bring the ocean into your business as a full partner. Attend the free online Blue Ocean Business Summit starting June 2, 2014.

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By Laurie J. Wilson