raja_ampat_islands, sustainable dive tourism, sustainable dive industry, marine conservation(Blue Ocean Network.com – Tuesday June 3, 2014) — Day 3 of the Blue Ocean Business Summit kicks off on Wednesday June 4, 2014. This free online industry event calls all stakeholders to the table to discuss the future of the dive industry and the need to bring the ocean into their businesses as a full partner.

The first day, entitled Big Ocean, Big Picture gave participants a powerful grounding on the new way of doing business that will help business owners and travelers ride the waves of change occurring in our industry and world.

The second day, Redefining the Dive Resort delved deep into the resort experience, determining if tourists even know or care about sustainable tourism, and what successful resorts are doing to redefine themselves in light of the new blue business reality revealing itself right now.

Day 3 is going to get to the heart of the matter with Honest Talk about Marine Conservation. What exactly is going on out there in the underwater world and how people, considered ‘lower tier’ stakeholders in the dive industry, are getting on board to be a powerful part of the solution.

9:00 am EDT Marine life photographer, author, explorer, Michael Aw will talk about incorporating ocean activism into business success in “Can I be an ocean activist and run a successful business?” Michael is a true change-maker in our industry and will cover immediate threats like climate change, shark-finning and over-fishing, and how his team’s efforts through festivals, petitions, youth involvement and photography are activating change.

11:00 am EDT Award-Winner Photojournalists and veteran group leaders, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock will discuss taking groups into areas where sustainability is at the forefront, along with opportunities and challenges of this growing trend in the industry in “Guiding Sustainable Group Trips – Pros, Cons and Caveats”,

1:00 pm EDT  Next up is Dr Doug Fenner a passionate coral expert and author living in American Samoa who’s been studying corals all around the world for decades. Doug will talk about his work, and the threats to this sensitive and essential part of our marine eco-system including diver damage.   Listen to “Why Coral Reefs are one of the most valuable ocean assets”. Doug’s sense of hope for ways we can and are making a difference is truly inspiring.

3:00 pm EDT Our ninja marine scientist with Conservation International, Dr. Mark Erdmann will teach us a thing or twenty-five. He’s not your typical shrimp guy. He’s been instrument in helping to set up Bunaken Marine Park before the big project called Raja Ampat. He’s going to tell us “How Fishermen, Marine Tourism operators, traditional leaders and NGO’s are collaborating to preserve the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity.”

Summit on a Mission
The goal of the Blue Ocean Business Summit is to inspire, inform and guide dive industry people to take action to “Blue their Business” and support ocean conservation as part of a sustainable business model.

The Summit Speakers include some of the dive and travel industry’s pioneers and trailblazers who are already embracing the change and making advancements in game-changing ways.

Although the Blue Ocean Business Summit is free to online attendees, the Summit will offer a downloadable Summit Resource Guide (along with accompanying audios of all 20 speakers) that contains valuable tools, checklists, background and reference material for those dive businesses inspired to take action down the path towards sustainability. The Blue Ocean Business Summit Guide and audio replays are available at a special pre-order price of US$49.99 and may be purchased at BlueOceanBusinessSummit.com.

Partnering in Conservation
Seven dollars of each Summit Resource Guide (and accompanying audios) sold at the Blue Ocean Business Summit will be contributed to Mission Blue, to support the creation of Marine Protected Areas around the world.

To learn more about the Blue Ocean Business Summit and to register, visit Blue Ocean Business Summit.com.