j_marble_photo_credit_neil_ever-osbourne, ocean author, blue your mind, J. Nichols, ocean activistBlue Ocean Network.com – May 28, 2014) — Have you ever wondered what your brain is like on water? Online attendees at the upcoming Blue Ocean Business Summit are going to find out from Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. A marine biologist, Nichols’ pioneering work in the new scientific discipline of neuro-conservation will show dive industry pros how to deeply and easily engage more dive customers AND inspire ocean stewardship applying the same psychology used by big brands like Coca-Cola.

There is an entire field of marketing that uses neuroscience to make you buy. And now, scientists like Nichols are studying how to apply the same feel good approaches that stealth marketers use on consumers, to encourage people to support marine conservation.

Nichols’s research shows that the conservation community has been doing it all wrong – telling the public how bad things are. The problem is, this constant stream of bad news wears us out and causes fatigue. The result is that our minds turn off important conservation messages and critical calls to action.

But there is another approach, coming from the neuroscience marketing industry, that can help to capture the public’s attention and inspire action. It has to do with tapping into the limbic system of the brain, the same part where emotion and sense of community are housed.

Nichols will be revealing this approach as the Opening Featured Speaker at the Blue Ocean Business Summit on Monday June 2, 2014. The Summit is designed for dive industry professionals who care about the health of their businesses and the ocean. The Summit’s goals is to illustrate new ways of doing business to support sustainable dive businesses and a sustainable future for our oceans. The summit explores the many benefits of including our partner, the ocean, into every business model.  The first of its kind, the free online global event marks 2014 as its inaugural year.

To register for this free online event, visit http://blueoceanbusinesssummit.com/

Photo Credit:  Neil Ever Osbourne

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