The Marine Arctic Protected Sanctuary

MAPS, Marine Arctic Protected Sanctuary, global warming, climate change, ocean issues, ocean changemakersThere has been exciting news recently with the declaration of the world’s largest marine protected area, 1.55 million km of the Ross Sea in the Southern Ocean. However, this protection of Antarctic waters has not been duplicated in the northern waters of the Arctic. Now the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary or MAPS Treaty focuses the world’s attention on protecting the ocean north of the Arctic Circle.

The MAPS Treaty calls on world leaders to establish a marine protected area free from natural resource exploitation, commercialization and military activity. The Arctic Ocean is warming at an alarming rate and as the ice disappears its waters become more navigable and vulnerable to the exploitation of natural resources. What happens to the fragile Arctic ecosystems has an effect on all of us, no matter where we live.


Visit MAPS and Study this Petition

We urge you to visit the MAPS website, become informed on this urgent issue and help declare the Arctic Waters a marine protected sanctuary.


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