Coastal Reefs have Many Benefits

shellfish-reefs-for-webIn recent memory the coastal reefs off Australia’s southern shores, composed mostly of shellfish, provided food for local fish and helped to protect the coastal settlements from storms.

Unfortunately, today these reefs have nearly disappeared, due to dredging, overharvesting of shellfish and pollution. The consequences for the 16 million Australians that live on or near the coast are greater risk from storms, dirtier water and endangered marine ecosystems.

While most attention has been focused on protecting the Great Barrier Reef, the plight of the less well known coastal reefs has largely been overlooked. However you can join with the Nature Conservancy and help rebuild these ecologically important reefs.

Join with the Nature Conservancy and sign this petition

Read more about Australia’s Forgotten Reefs on the Nature Conservancy website and add your name to the pledge to restore these coastal reefs at:

And find out more about Australia’s Coastal Reefs at: And: Australia’s Lost shellfish reefs

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