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Happy World Oceans Week! World Oceans Day is today! Hundreds of celebrations, activities and actions are planned around the world. If you don’t have anything planned, the World Oceans Day website has a variety of free resources including a Plastic Pollution Lesson Plan, and lots of promotional materials in different languages to celebrate.

Your Mission this Week:
The action focus for World Oceans Day 2018 is to prevent plastic pollution and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean. All over the world, people will be taking action through cleanup events, awareness campaigns and more. You can join them and become a part of the solution by making a commitment on social media to stop using single use plastic bags, bottles and straws in honor of World Oceans Day.

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Trending this Week:

From dolphins to whales, marine ‘hunts’ continue to take place in Japan.

In the Network:

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• Ocean Lovers Gather for a CORALPALOOZA On World Oceans Day On June 8th and 9th, hundreds of divers and non-divers alike will be joining the Coral Restoration Foundation. Space still available on select boats!

• Have you registered yet to join Ocean Advocates for March for the Ocean (M4O) – a plastic-free March in Washington, D.C. on June 9, with sister marches and international marches, too. #WearBlue for the ocean and support this international effort with these stylish t-shirts.

• Check in on Ben Lecomte’s swim across the Pacific Ocean, including through the Pacific Garbage Patch, in the name of science and research!

• The Reef-World Foundation shares their front row seat to ocean pollution in this article published by UN Environment.

• On the Papuan mainland, halfway between Raja and Triton Bay, lies Fak-Fak. Read how Bird’s Head Seascape’s efforts to create MPA’s in the Regency’s Capital is progressing.

• Calling people from all different fields and backgrounds to join Ocean Floor Engineering lab on June 15 at The Hague to help find innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the deterioration of ocean systems worldwide.

• Take a deep dive through some of the top underwater places our planet has to offer and learn why we must protect them!

• Check out these 15 books that will be perfect company for your summer reading.

Bioluminescent algae stunned beachgoers near George Town, Tasmania. The mystifying blue waters are actually a natural phenomenon linked to a species called Noctiluca scintillans, commonly referred to as “sea sparkle.” Tasmania, the island off the south coast of Australia, is known for its vast protected wilderness.

Ocean News:

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Scientists are using DNA to study ocean life and reveal the hidden diversity of zooplankton (The Conversation)
New invention safely transports unknown, deep-dwelling fishes to the ocean’s surface (Science Daily)

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#ICYMI: Lave from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano flowed into the state’s 400-year old Green Lake this week, evaporating the state’s largest fresh water lake in just hours. The volcanic eruptions on Hawaii’s Big Island are also feared to have claimed the Kapoho Tide Pools and fish ponds, two other favorite local natural resources.


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• Project Director, Global Tuna Conservation (International Fisheries Conservation) at Pew
• Director, Ocean Program at the Summit Foundation
• Assistant Professor in Marine Conservation / Fisheries Science at University of California Santa Barbara
• Plastics Initiative Director at Ocean Conservancy

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