Krzysztof Odziomek, Project Aware, marine conservation, saving sharks, saving rays, responsible tourismWith one in four species of shark and ray threatened with extinction the World Wildlife Fund and the Manta Trust thru Project Aware has made available a Guide to Best Practices for Shark and Ray Tourism. The goal is to give you a set of guidelines enabling you to make better choices based on the latest scientific research.  (photo – Krzysztof Odziomek – Project Aware)



Best Practice Toolkit

Also included is a Best Practice Toolkit resource referenced to the Guide, plus Posters showing Examples of Interaction Guidelines (Code of Conduct). Make a commitment today, use these tools to make a difference and create a future for sharks and rays by minimizing the harmful impact of tourism on their habitats and populations.

  1. How do you perform?

  2. Building a social license

  3. How well do you know your market and license requirements?

  4. Guidance for management authorities

  5. Selecting a site

  6. Example code of conducts

  7. Provisioning

  8. Full Toolkit


Give Us Your Thoughts on Responsible Shark and Ray Tourism

Give Project Aware your feedback, your input is invaluable for them to continue their work. And read about all of the other issues that Project Aware is bringing to our attention. See the Blue Ocean Shark-A-Thon for a round-up of valuable and current information on sharks, plus our related links below.

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