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The beautiful, coastal resort of Noli, Italy will host the Green Surf Festival from July 14-16. This year’s three day event is dedicated to Stand Up Paddle (SUP), surf and sustainability, aiming to inspire festival goers to preserve and protect the ocean environment.


“We tried to bring together in an innovative and creative format watersports, entertainment and environmental culture. It is the first time that SUP and environmental issues come together in such a cool and fun way. Our festival in fact is all about being in sync with nature while having fun doing what we like the most: enjoy the ocean!” says Franz Orsi, ocean enthusiast and coach of SUP’s Portuguese national team.


The Green Surf Festival will be a sustainable eco-friendly Deep Blue Event

on the beach, green surf festival, noli, italy, Working with Sustainable Surf the SUP team is focused on running a Deep Blue Event that is “Ocean Friendly”  by reducing the environmental impact and providing social benefits to the local community. A Deep Blue Event is independently verified and requires its organizers to respond to the event’s environmental impact including these five core categories; Waste, Energy, Transportation, Community Support & carbon footprint. (all photos – Green Surf Festival)



Alongside the weekend’s main event activities, the Green Surf Festival will host a SUP industry gathering called Protect Blue. This gathering will bring together the industry’s key players to discuss ways in which by working together, they can lead the way to sustainability.

Green surf Fesival logoThe Green Surf Festival & Protect Blue have joined with Starboard, one of the worlds’ leading stand up paddleboard manufacturers to lead the SUP industry toward collaboration and raising awareness of the pressing environmental issues the world now faces.


As Svein Rasmussen, at Starboard says “When the water sports industry collaborates and shares knowledge, we can boost an environmental awareness shift far beyond our community and accelerate the protection of the oceans.”

By Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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